ok, all Brunettes, . . It's your turn , . Now

I Just wanted to say "Hi, and Pay proper tribute, . .

to ALL the Remarkably Extravagant, and Sensually Seductive, Dark, Raven Haired, Brunettes, . . out in CS, ..land,

who become so often, accidentally Overlooked, . .When a bright Young, . . Flashy little "blond", . enters the room, . .

. . .er, . .i mean, . . Blonde, . ..professor

I'm a little slow, . . but I'm never too old to Learn, . . ok? . . doh

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Will there be a blog for bold ladies? You know, they might feel offended for not being mentioned. scold
I mean bold blushing doh
Dear Sweet Darlin, Beautiful, Bold, Little Annie, . .

I would never, ever, never, . . Dream Of leaving out, . . or offending, . " Any " of my tantalizing, mezmerising, little Bold, . . ladies . . uh oh

. . cause they are the sweet little Creatures, that keep me on my toes, . ..professor

. and, on my knees sometimes, . . .too, . .doh

I'm just not sure if it's Wise, . if i skip my Red head blog, . . .and go straight to the bold ones , . .or not, . . . confused
PS: and If ya really mean Bold?, . . confused

Then Prove it, . . . and let down your hair for me, . . little Darlin, . . dancing
Here I am! Brunette and Bold! Never undermined by blondes! Actually, when I was "younger" I used to hang out with these two gals, both gorgeous-Holly and Sidney and Holly had long flaming hair and she would turn the guy's heads-more than blondes I think! !!lol
Aha rolling on the floor laughing Thanks then. If u want be lawyer of some color, u need defend little bit more. sad flower But real men does not pay attention to colors. They just search femininity in women. That's all. She can be white, brown, black, red, silver or golden, she needs always something more than a color for something longer than one night meetings.
Hi sweet Bright, Bold, Beautiful little Calli, .

Actually after readin your comment, I just have one question, . .

What's Holly's phone number?, . .confused

Now don't go gettin Mad at me, . .cause I am only jesting, . .ok?
and, . .If you get mad, . .I might just have to, . . bend a naughty little brunette, over my knee, . .and give her a good, firm, erotic, Spanking, . . ok?, .scold

and we wouldn't want that now, would we?, . . . but,then again, . . . er, . i mean,. .on second thought, . . doh

What's Holly's Phone # , . again?, . .yay
Hello, Sweet beautiful Darlin, "simple friend xxx"

You Indeed, are, . . one of the most "feminine little Ladies" that i have ever known, . ..
. professor
and this old Jester, . .has met a "heck of a lot"(vast amount) , . . . of Beautiful little ladies, . . in his youth, . . doh

Your hair could be purple, green, red, and sky blue, pink, . . . and you would "still Obviously be", . .the most Feminine creature, . . that ever walked the planet, . .. professor

and by the way, . .welcome back to CS, . . Simple Friend
The American Redhead"

For there are blonds,

And there are brunettes

But then there are the redheads.

Oh but, the redheads.

For there are none

To compare to

The American redhead.

They are real women

As women are meant to be.

They are a handful,

That they sure are.

If you get a redhead

You had better be

A man among men,

For the handful

That they can be.

But one thing

To know

They are worth it.

For there is none

That can compare

To the American redheaded woman.
Well, Sweet Darlin, All American, Little Cookie,

It kinda Sounds Like, the Bold, Buxom, Brazen, little, Red Headed Ladies, . . are ready for their blog . . and their time to shine. . . in the firey, Red Sun, . . doh

But just remember, with all those Sweet, Beautiful, Auburn Haired, . . little Irish Lasses, . . with their cute little Brogues, . .it's gonna make it awful tough, . ..professor

for me to be, . . a real impartial judge, . . cause they can be really, really cute, . . .ok?, . . yay
Ok then...tongue Mr.Jester..You are just to cute yourself dancing ohhh did I just say that? doh
You mean that guys actually blush also? teddybear
Actually cookie, .

I'm kinda Half Irish, . . and most of the Irish, . .always look like this, . . .

After, a little, . .Too Much, . . Irish Whiskey, . . drinking
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