Valentines day

Has anyone noticed that Valentines day is becoming more and more 'important' in the shops?
five years ago my local shop only had a few red cards about love that would appear on a stand one week before Vday. This year, its only January and the stand is out and is about five times bigger than it use to be.
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Vday; its a lovely day to show the person you are with how they make you feel. However if you are single, its a day that i like to hide from. Love in all its forms attacks. which is great when you are in love. its just a big kick in the bum when you are single. I know I'm single and that most of my friends are in long term loving relationships. I don't need a day that they all rub it in my face! it happens enough everyday without them to have a day where they can look down on me cause I'm single.
Last year I was told (yes told) to babysit my cousins because I was single and I wouldn't be doing anything else. yeah, thanks for that.
In the movies, in music and in the media, Valentines day is the day that the underdog gets their man or woman. In real life, this doesn't happen!

Maybe we should rename valentines day for 'singles awareness day', at least thats telling everyone what really happens on this day.
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Valentine's day was named after Saint Valentine, not sure of the story behind it. But working in retail it is a holiday that, here, is losing interest and more people tend to downplay it. Especially men. Most men buy because thet have to. Then there are others that go overboared. But with this economy , Roses are way over $80.00 @ dozen. I just am satisfied to be taken to a restrurant ,not crowded and a card or small gift , after working so many hours, that week..thumbs up wave
i was born on valentines day and its getting harder for my family to find me decent birthday cards as the shops are full of valentines cards
valentines is getting as popular as christmas especially when it cmes to how many cards are bought and sent

February has been the month to celebrate love for a long time, dating clear back to the Middle Ages.

noone actually knows the true story behind the man named st.valentine

some believe it goes back to the roman times where a emperor had decided that it was better that single men made better sldier but valentine decided this was not fair and that he would marry couples secretly, believing this would build a stnger military base, when the emperor found out about this valentine was put to death

some say and the one that is mre commonly known is that valentine was a imprisoned man who fell in love with the jailors daughter and before he was put to death he wrote her letter signed 'your valentine'
as cs we are all singles - more or less laugh - so let us view that day from the point of a single.
sitting at home and feeling depressed isn´t that nice, so go out, you may find other singles there. if you have a date on that day, you will soon be surrounded by other couples going to a cafe or restaurant. but be quick - maybe you have a date, but no reservation for a table. heart1
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