Why is Marriage a Failing Institution?

The Statistics are rather freightning.....Over 50% of first marriages fail. 2nd Marriages the failure rate jumps up to 60%-70% and its not much better for the 3rd Marriage. The divorce rate is higher in the more advanced countries like USA, UK, and Canada. India has the lowest (1%) divorce rate in the world. I often wonder what is going on in our society both ethically and morally. What does the future hold for us? Are Disney Fairy Tales the only happy marriages that are going to exist?
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It's failing because too many people jump into having sex before they "fall in love" and they let lust cloud their rational thoughts of who really they are dating and any possible warning signs..
Another reason marriage is failing is because many people in todays society view everything as "replaceable" and "disposable"
including partners and they dont try to work at a relationship along with all the temptations out there to cheat or move onto another person.
One final reason is many people do not have morals or belief in a after life and so they live every day as they please for themselfs and not caring about the results.
Yes there are way too many divorces and what is even sadder is the polls estimated that at least half the children born today are born with only "one" parent.
SwissBlueyes, Thank You for your thoughts. You brought up a lot of good points. Some women see a child as "child support check." Tragically the children of broken homes are the ones that lose out the most.
Perhaps we should take a leaf out of the book of our indian friends - they seem to have made arranged marriages work. Their parents choose their partners to, most people today make very bad choices and end up divorced (maybe parents should get involved in our choices) because clearly we not getting it right. People these days marry mostly for superficial reasons such as good looks and money, its a recipe for disaster.
hi carlitos..yes some women might do that but others might be employed and see it as a chance to have a child in a world where most men view marriage as a "vice" not a blessing.
i dont think you can blame all this on women..lol
plus if men want to have sex then they should make sure if they dont want any children, then they should use a "condom" or just not have sex at all..
it takes "two" to make a child, not one..unless she goes to some donor place but in that case there would be no child support check..also if you look at the reality out there, the statistics show there are more than half the male population who refuse to pay child support for their children.
its the kids who suffer because of evil men like that. its not their fault their dad is a loser who didnt bother to use protection nor cared about his child to support it..
thumbs down this is why i support women to become more aware of how half the male population think and dont rush into sex too soon..its just been way too easy for men to use women and dump them..
I share Swiss' views of the first post.I 'd be curious to know the source of this stats if you dont mind Carltios.

Well I think as a man one of the things that struck me since the early days were how unfirm and unreliable man-woman relationships are.(not blaming any of parties in particular...just observing )Actually I was surprised how people managed for years to build something on it.
And years ago if I look at my parents or grandparents relationships they were completely different ,they did not jump from one partner to another after swearing eternal faith ...
I have not figured out yet if it was so just because they could not( divorce was not allowed or socially acceptable)or they would not anyway.....
beause people here are not being taught values any longer..the only thing of value is the green back..matrialism ..anything else has been pushed back..get and use..if its broken do not try to fix it..toss it and get a new one..thats the new mentality
I still say it's because most people are lazy and like taking the easy way out of things here in the USA. There used to be social pressure to marry, divorce was frowned upon, and abandoning children or having children out of wedlock was a shocking scandal. As our laws and societies have shifted to the left, favoring social responsibility to individual responsibility, things like personal honor and loyalty mean less to people.

Nobody looks at a single mother and rolls their eyes anymore. Nobody treats a guy who cheats on his wife like a thug who can't be trusted with anything. People who do are told to be tolerant. It seems the only thing we're not permitted to tolerate these days is intolerance.

Edmund Burke said it best when he said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Society has looked the other way, and thus the family, the foundation of society has crumbled.
yes @Iamwhoiam that's my perception too.
Years ago relationships were not easy to maintain esp after the war and the poverty that followed but people worked hard to stick together once that choice was made...nowadays frankly I fail to understand why they make such a choice.
Hi Johnwain: I googled the divorce statistics. You will not be surprised by the results.
Hi Swissblueeyes! I agree with you, adults need to be more responsible when it comes to having unprotected sex. As far as dead beat dads not living up to their responsibility that is tragic. Family Court at least in the USA/SC is f'd up. I know of case where a family court judge will purge right before he goes into the court room daily Simply because that's how disgusted he is by Family Court. Women that make their living on child support checks from multiple "baby's daddies" need to be regulated closely. They should be required to improve the children's standard of living by going through some type of schooling vocatioal/traditional to live up to their part of their responsiblity. Women often will sit at home watching Oprah/Jerry Springer and point the finger at their X and come up with some type of excuse why they can't go to school or do online courses to earn a higher salary. Family Court needs to be re-structured so that both men and women are held equally/financially accountable for bringing a child into this world. I was told by a Thai friend of mine that in Thailand that parent that makes the most money gets custody of the child....
I agree Carltios..Both women and men should be responsible and use protection..Actually a lot of the posters on here gave some good view points too..good blog..thumbs up
"The Statistics are rather freightning.....Over 50% of first marriages fail."

According to which source? And which country, area, age group, gender? Previous family status, immigrants or natives, employed/unemployed etc? There's a lot of variation according to these independent variables and what is frightening is that ppl generalise some average figure like thisdoh
Gender? *coughs politely* Correct me if I'm wrong, but "marriage" is a man and a woman (not that I agree, I'm totally in favor of same sex marriage, but it's a fact)
So basically, the gender thing must be 50/50... just saying.
My "first" (and believe me it will be the last) marriage failed, because a marriage is supposed to be 2 people working together, and in this case, one had stopped working at all. He was diagnosed schizophrenic, which was very hard for me (I had to have him commited) but could have been manageable if he'd accepted to be treated which he didn't. I'm just saying, maybe I could have tried harder and not leave him when things started getting nasty, but I couldn't do it on my own.

Our life is much longer than our grandparents' lives used to be. Spending one's whole life with someone doesn't have the same meaning when you're life's over at 60 than when you live 100 years, right?
The simple answer is that, many people get married for all the wrong reasons.
@zoen: Do some research and Google the stats.professor
People are failing, not institutions... doh
It's complicated. I have been married, been there done that. Ultimately being married and getting divorced brought me: Loss of my children, loss of my house, loss of my career,loss of my jeep, bankruptcy, it set me back 10yrs financially. In America marriage it's overrated, it has become a financial risk period. You mightest well just sign all your personal assets away when you get married because Family Court (has financial interest of 15% of every payment made through family court, gets skimmed right of the top) will award all of your hard earned assets to your X. It's rather bone chilling to know that someone will have the right to take everything that you have worked for, even if they didn't contribute to the acquisition of the assets. I have found that being single is not so bad after all. It gives you time to reasses what you truly value and to learn more about yourself. I have found that I can be alone and be happy. Being single and having inner peace is priceless. I have come to the realization that everytime I am single somehow it seems like I can acquire more assets and Actually get to keep them....lol. Not trying to rain on any ones parade but this has been my personal experience and if you can make your marriage/relationship work more power to you...peace
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