Would like so much to move on........

I miss having love in my life. It's been some time since I've enjoyed the intimacy of sharing my life with someone.

At times I have wonder if I will ever find that passion again. Can be a terribly depressing thought..........

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I feel the same way. I still have not found that passion of my life. And wonder if I will ever find it.moping crying heart wings
If you have Love still alive in you, There is every chance you will find a soul that resonates with yours well.
Do not worry, you are to beautiful to be missed out.

Love you built it up with the right partner,for sure you have the right chemistry.....

The point we are a few miles away.

Good luck
You are not alone..many people feel same way...we all feel insecure on times...I am sure ...people who want to find the love ..it will come to them...its just the matter of time...till then take care of yourself...
I know how you feel. I'm about at the point in my life when I'm ready to give up finding passion.
I am feeling sad too...I broke up with my bf 3 months ago...but no fault of our own,,,it's the distance and the nature of our lives...But I believed that there's someone for everyone out there,including me that awaits for us to meet someday...You're still young and beautiful...so I'm sure there's special man for you...comfort
I too miss having someone in my life, you are young and beautiful and im sure you wont be alone for too much longer, its onwards and upwards my dear, stop moping around and go get him applause cheering applause cheering cheering cheering banana banana banana dancing dancing dancing wine wine wine wine
When I wake up in the mornings, it's my cat nipping my finger tips to wake me up. Funny he does that the same time every day, since being a kitten. And he's persistent until I'm up.

I'll be havin' my morning coffee sitting a chair by the window, he smuches up and streaches in the little gap between me and the chairs' arm, rolls over on his back, meaning I am supposed to massage behind his ears and the back of his neck. Then he dozes off.

I miss it too.
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