it seems like girls dont like the truth
no i am not anti girls
you say i drink or smoke its okay but say you have a high sex drive
man they are gone.
or some will start to get to know you and say they like you
next the profile is gone?
the is no perfect man all i tell them is the truth
then leave that alone and move to basics ie likes or dislikes
this is 2nd time i have been on this site and its nice
but will anybody find love well i hope so
if i am doing somthing wrong i hope someone will tell me
as you can see iam no good at blogs
just felt i had to write
good luck to everybody
sad flower
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honesty always the best policy...
so just be yourself.
if u cant find the one now, the time will come for you...just hang around....
when you are looking for love...i think you are in the wrong place, you are right.

stop coming here and look around in real life. closer.
love is there... inside yourself...and near.

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