"No Rings No Strings" Relationships Do They Work??

Have you ever been or are you now in a "No Rings No Strings" Relationship....Did it work? What are the Pro's and Con's?
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It is so hard to explain this kind of matter coz lots of people are selfish and does'nt want to understand.confused
glenvalley explain away:
Marriage at least in America has become a "Financial Risk" prenupts are very easily overriden by an attorney/judge....
I am in this relationship right now. Have now since April. When he is in town I go over to his hotel or he comes to my house. We barely know each other. All i know that it is great, no committment no pressure. I don't care who he is with when he is at home(three hours away) all I know he knows I am here when he comes my way.lips
Does he at least buy you dinner first? It sounds like you have a good arrangement. My only concern would be if he is practicing safe sex with his other s*xual partner/s?sad flower
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