Why is "Alcoholism" so prevelant in the world??

Could it be the fact that Billions of Dollars go into the clever marketing to continually entice/target us to drink at the different stages of the "lifestyle" disease? The mere fact that the alcohol industry/society has demonized the word "alcoholic" keeps many suffering alcoholics in the dark grips of the disease. When someone says "I have heart disease," "I am a diabetic" (two classic examples of life style diseases.) They don't get looked down upon. The minute you utter the word "alcoholic" for the most part society will automatically shunt you. It will take a mental/outlook overhaul for our society to take a closer look at this lifestyle disease and be more accepting of the suffering alcoholics out there. Hopefully someday the removal of the "Alcoholic Negative Stigma" will allow more people to simply live a healthier clean and sober life style.
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I agree that this is a serious disease.I also know that the alcholic creates great pain to his family. They should be treated as soon as possible and treated with empathy.I think they have a lot of self loathing when they cant help themselves.Viscious cycle.
Dawndeb, You are absolutely correct there is a lot pain and emotional suffering that is brought upon by a sick family member. There are a lot of AA resources out there to help family members cope with alcoholic family members. The disease of alcoholism is a difficult and vicious cycle to break without help. AA is a worlwide institution that will lend a helping hand when a sick individual is ready to make a change for the better in their lives.
When you try to take away the only thing that relives the anguish and pain of why so so many drink you have not dealt with the real issues weather they are mental or physical to say a person can just stop drinking is not enough
Ive know the pain of someone that drank because of mental abuse that was never dealt with and insecurities that were never dealt with so much pain that was easier to just drown with alcohol
it is like anything else we abuse weather food ,drugs ,alcohol, it is a outside action to a deeper inside pain not dealt with angel
Lovely4u7d: I agree with you 100%. The drinking/drugging is behavior used to mask a deep rooted emotional/physchological issue. Wether it's dealing with some type of abuse like you mentioned or filling a "void" of a missing loved one etc. The bottom line is that alcohol/drugs are not the answer. If you believe that your life is f*cked up, you can drink all the whisky in the world and it will still be f*cked up and then some the next day. When a suffering addict/alcoholic decides to get help and goes trough the 12 step program of AA it is there where they learn why they are drinking and how to stop. To simply say that drinking is the only answer to resolve/relieve some ones pain would be absurd. Eventually what happens when you continue to drink/drug to mask/soothe your pain, sorrow, self pitty etc. You get into a "state dependent learning stage" where your brain/body will not feel normal unless you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and that's where the downward spiral begins. We all have issues in our lives, living life on life's terms is the only way to live. Keep in mind that we are all spiritual beings trying to be human.... handshake
coz they have not aaaall seen the light.....................

as of yetcool
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