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As a society have we become rather shallow? We are blasted daily with images of anorexic air brushed models on covers of magazines and perfectly shaped, models on TV. We are constantly brain washed to believe that, that is "beauty". If you take a closer look you will see, numerous paid for attributes: lips, breasts, liposuction etc. Where does it all end? Biologically men are wired to instinctively look for a woman that will bear children, big breasts, wide hips, smooth skin etc. It works the same with women, their instincts tell them to look for a man with big broad shoulders, muscular upper body and a big a** for thrusting power. The question remains is it a bad thing to "enhance" the attributes that will makes us more appealing to the opposite sex? Fundamentally speaking more opportunities to mate with the opposite sex? It has been scientifically proven that people with more symetry in their facial features also do better financially simply put because they are more pleasing to the eye and it's human nature to trust a good looking friendly person. Marketing gurus will continually appeal to our biological basic instintcs through the use of technology and surgical enhancements....
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I thinks it's our impressions that makes us all different.. That's exactly why they say, "no one is perfect." We were all made the way that God wanted us.. I do think that society has become very shallow, it's a shame.
Well you are all correct, it depends on each individual how they describe and accept beauty, for me beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and no matter what... if a person is happy with herself and accept of what he/she is... that is real beauty.sad flower teddybear
As with any other sugery there is always risks involved. Consult with your Dr. and have him recommend a good surgeon. After you have your initial consultation with the cosmetic surgeon you can make an educated decision on wether or not it's the right thing for you to do.... Best of Luck! cool
I do think you are correct in some aspects. I think the women are having to live up to the standards of a man. Not back in the 40's and 50's. For instance look at Marlon Brando in A Street Car named Desire, when I saw him I felt he was a misfit. Back then muscles were not the standards for women to look at. Another movie, The postman only rings about beautiful woman, Lana Turner is one of the most beautiful. Voluptuous, and a knock-out. Yes, that was the time when man looked for the these attributes. I am anorexic( restricted) and I did not become that way becuae of model's in magazines, it was simply because of a parent telling me I at too much. I am going to college this year to, be there for teens and woman with eating disorders.
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