How Far?

How far is to far? To what lengths would you go for love? How much are you willing to accept? How much are you supposed to accept?

See, I would go all the way for love, if it's real. How do you know if it's real? I think that love is just a giant leap of faith in you and the person you have chosen to be with. Is there really such a thing as 'soul mates'?

I feel a soul mate could be anybody that comes into your life, such as a best friend.

I was thinking about this all day.. I'm not really sure why. There has to be some kind of happy medium right?
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Well said, see, I'm not the only who agrees with this.. I think so many people get the wrong idea when they hear soul mate.. Everyone out there is looking for someone of the opposite sex or maybe the same gender.. I'll soul mate could be right under our noses.
I think we could say a "soulmate" wherein two people have the same thoughts, likes and dislikes and in everything they were doing in everyday life together though they have'nt grew up together and a total stranger when they met.teddybear
After reading what you posted up there, it is so lonely for me to find out that ... I have no soul mate.... yet.crying
CtheWorld2Gether - you don't have any close friends? don't be sad, it's just a random thought of mine. so, you don't have any close friends?
For Great Love and Great Achievements you have to take Great Risk.

Love deeply and passionately, You might get hurt but this is the only way to live life completely.

Soul Man
CtheWorld2gether, your chances could worse, if you become lunch for that tiger...
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