Jesus Christ didn't start his ministry until he was 30. He was ridiculed, rejected, betrayed, tortured, and finally executed. He never had a formal education, never owned a home, was homeless, never owned a business, never had a family, was never elected to a position of authority, never acquired any wealth. He suffered daily failure and rejection.
If someone tried to put Him on your board of directors today, you'd probably scream, "Get this loser out of my office before I call the police on both of you."
Another loveable loser was Abraham Lincoln. He was driven out of his family home at 7, lost his mother at 9, lost his clerk job at 22, went into debt at 23, was turned down for marriage by his long-time girlfriend. His marriage to his wife, Mary Todd, was deeply troubled. At 41, he lost his 4-year-old son. At 45, he lost a Senate election. At 47, he was defeated for the vice presidential nomination. At 49, he ran for the Senate again and lost. At 51, he became president of the United States. He failed his way to the top.
When I was kid, our family took vacations to Lake Tahoe, which was also the setting for our favorite television show, "Bonanza," based on a widowed rancher and his three sons, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe, the latter played by Michael Landon. It was only many years later that I learned Landon's real-life story. His father was a Jew who hated Catholics and his mother was an anti-Semitic Catholic who used to beat Michael with a coat hanger. Not surprisingly, he was a bed-wetter and suffered from facial tics and involuntary gulping sounds. Finally, he found a measure of self-worth when he discovered he could throw the javelin farther than any of classmates. He even grew his hair like Samson, believing his hirsuteness was the source of his great strength. At USC, some mean-spirited kids cut his leonine locks, and his javelin throws receded by an average of 30 feet. He soon found himself unloading freight at a manufacturing plant - until a Hollywood talent scout spotted him and asked him to audition for the part of Ben Cartwright's youngest son on what would become America's favorite television western.
People who become great just don't wear failure well. They just keep failing forward all the way to the top, using setbacks as stepping stones. If they fall down, they don't stay down. Like Thomas Watson, the legendary founder of IBM, they believe the formula to success is to double their rate of failure. In their world, the person who makes the most mistakes wins.
They embrace mistakes as glorious failures - the ultimate learning opportunities. When Simon Ranco, the lead developer of the nation's ICBM system, saw the first ballistic missile rise about six inches off the launching pad before toppling over and exploding, he turned to an Air Force general and said, "Well, Benny, now that we know the thing can fly, all we have to do is improve its range a bit."
When Thomas Edison saw his science lab go up in smoke, he saw the fire as a long overdue house-cleaning. "There go all my mistakes," he quipped as he watched his factory burn down.
Successful losers fail with an uncanny enthusiasm. If they have a stack of rejected screenplays in front of them, they interpret it to mean, they're one step closer to having one accepted.

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Excellent failures know they can't avoid failure all the time, but they refuse to be pinned down by it. They know the road to success goes directly through the town of failure. They understand that failure is just a bend in the road, not the end in the road.
When Einstein arrived at Princeton from Europe in 1935, he was asked what he would require for his office. He replied, "A desk, some pads and a pencil, and a large wastebasket to hold all my mistakes." As a scientist, he knew it was not only okay to fail, but it was necessary.
When you begin to fail, you'll join some select company. Gregor Mendel, the Austrian monk who discovered the principles of heredity, failed his teacher's exam three times. Regardless, he carried on his experiments in breeding plants, crossbreeding some 21,000 plants over a decade. Enrico Caruso, recognized as the world's greatest tenor, was told to quit singing because he repeatedly failed to hit the high notes. Vince Lombardi, recognized by many as the best football coach ever, was still an offensive line coach at Fordham University at age 43. He had failed to break into the big time. The Green Bay Packers had yet to call. Einstein and rocketeer Werner von Braun flunked math courses. When automotive pioneer Charles Kettering broke his arm turning the crank on his car, he started thinking of creating a self-starting automobile. Walt Disney went broke seven times and had one nervous breakdown.
While others may have quit on them, while opportunities may have dried up, while conditions for success may have been absolutely horrible, they never quit on themselves. They just wanted to keep creating - they wanted that next opportunity to fail.
This longing reminds me of a story. Once there was this pottery teacher who divided his class in two. To the first group, he said, if you produce 50 pots by the end of the semester, you will get an "A," 40 pots will get you a "B" and so forth. To the other group, he told them they needed to produce just one perfect pot for an "A." It turned out that the group that tried to crank out 50 pots also made more quality pots because they kept failing and improving their production process. Their blems eventually became beauties.
If you still don't know what to ask Santa for this Christmas, ask for more opportunities to fail in 2011. That way, you'll be right on a track for a great year.
Merry Christmas from
@ THE OP...
WHAT EXACTLY YOUR POINT???..DUDE...IT SEEMS TO ME IS AN ENDLESS LIFE STORY TELLING..MEANS, A "RHETORICAL QUESTION" THAT DOESN'T NEEDS A GOOD ANSWER...laugh cool Cool ka lang "PARE" hehehehehe...can't read too many info/TMI..but there's NO meaning...So what? if "JESUS" don't have a proper schooling...HE don't need to..because He was the "POWERFUL ONE"...the creature of the UNIVERSE>>>do you know that in your elementary School???...I'm guessing You don't have any some kind of religion, and despice ppl that got famous without proper schooling, but they worked their way up...YOU..I presumed has a lot of jealousy and hatred towards civilization....dancing grin peace yay
@lovely: It looks like you perhaps lack in the reading comprehension department....Your attention span is quite short also. You apparently are trying to make a SAD attempt at bashing people. If you don't have anything good to say take your negativity somewhere else...professor
@ Carlitos,,,
I think your just jebberishing the topic...Pls. I know how to understands your English...TOO much yak-k-d-yak...laugh Your mad bec I said something that you don't like to hear....grin
@lovelyza: Not mad. I just have a low tolerance for ignorance. barf
caltios- I like the way you think...failing forward...positive attitude and being grateful are all great things...thank you for the post- I enjoyed reading it!


@lovely- would it kill you to read a book? mumbling
You need to read the Bible more often. Jesus was the first born of Mary and Joseph and he had siblings. At the age of 12 Jesus was found in the temple among the Jewish rabbis having a theological discussion with them. Even at the age of 12 Jesus knew that He must tend to His father's (God) business. As for other family members Jesus had at least one aunt and uncle. They were the parents of John the Babtist who was 6 months older than Jesus and also his cousin. As for a family of His own..Jesus thoughout His ministry had the 12 disciples. Jesus had no need to own a home because He was constantly traveling from town to town, city to city. The Bible never mentions that Jesus failed because being God in human form it was impossible for Jesus to fail. Jesus went from town to town performing miracles: raising the dead, healing people, turning water into wine at a wedding, providing enough food for 5000 people, etc. This doesn't sound like failures to me. This sounds exactly like someone I would want on the Board of Directors of a company that I would own.
@Faithfullnes: I have attempted to read the bible, but it's just simply to long. The "God" of my own understanding does not ask me for money, or critize my outfit on Sunday morning. I learned as a teen-ager that I did not want to be part of a group of people (church groups/bible thumpers etc.) that do nothing more than gossip about each other. It's a free country and you do have the freedom of religion....peace
Thank you for your thoughts
Hey Carltios..

Great man....i copy and paste this to keep, to lazy too googling my self.

why i kept this? i want my daughter to read this later, and understand of Failure. its not my only failure in life....i kept having it. but even Jesus , or prophet Mohammad had FAILURE too.

Big ppl FAILURE too...

I have had failure many times even until now. but again, i kept woke up and stand up. and reading such a blog like this, will even make me believe, am not even a big PEOPLE, people have their failure, even failure in understanding your BLOG...rolling on the floor laughing

BUT NOT ME....i kept this if you allowed me. as i told you, there is nothing i can give as a valuable give to my daughter, just a lesson and a great book or reading. "things" wont last forever, but a good reading and life lesson will kept till we die.

Great...thank and thank for remain me about your blog.

You know what??? i copy paste, every such valuable blog like yours...honesty. for me and my daughter read and understand of real life.

Happy New year Carl.





Stareyes: thank you for your kind words. I live my life one day at a time. Making tomorrows happy memories today. If I can make a positive difference in your life it makes me very glad. Life will always have it's ups and downs. The idea is to learn from our mistakes and grow spiritually and intellectually. The key is to figure out our purpose in life and how we fit in this world. As far as your English is concerned from now on you can change your outlook by saying: I may not know a whole lot of English/grammer, stuff about computers: you fill in the blank(_______ )but I am learning more and more everyday, and by doing that you are actually putting positive reinforcement in your brain and you will succeed...

Best Regards,

Carlitos peace
If at first you dont succeed........TRY TRY AGAIN.............Happy New Year.handshake
Hi Mary! I love your hair do, and you have a great smile!hug
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