I can honestly say 'I love myself ' and mean it. There are days when i'm a not as up beat but I would never want to be anyone else!!! I am not conceited nor self centered neither am I insecure or ashamed of myself so.....I'm simply contented cool

How do u feel?????
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yay ! one of the few who is like thumbs up
wish i could be like that i use to be but not anymore my friend
cool cool an great .
me myself an I ?
well depends if the tide is in or out !
there are days when I wake up after having a bad dream about my ex wife .. an there are days I positively pop out and into the groove.
like is not always like a box of choklates , more like a compost earthy sweet an real . hehhehe
Do I feel good bout myself? I fall in love myself most of time... grin If we dont love ourseleves...who else will love us ??blushing or how can you love someone else if you dont love or even feel good about yourself? wink
I do agree, we all are searching for love but how will you know that someone loves you when u can't love yourself, or how will you be able to love someone else!!!!
Yes I feel good and top of this world baby.

Things going my way today.
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