How long for us to endure patience at the most?when somebody let you feel stupid all the time, ignored, unappreciated, unloved and a never care attitude towards you?confused dunno
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sounds like you need a real REAL good talk to that person ?
remember communication is the key , if that doesn,t work try moving on ! life is too short to be stuck in sorrow !
you need to talk and discuss with them, find out the root cause of problem and then fix it. But if they dont seem to care to talk and you are being ignored, unloved etc...like you mentioned. Quit! Dont waste your time on someone who never want to waste their time on you.frustrated

Dont worry I am here for you my friend...handshake
It is only basing on all people's feelings that we do sometimes experienced in our lives,we ignored people that love's us and it seems unknowingly or intentionally we hurt other's feelings because we are just selfish and does'nt care at all.
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