I'm ready for Spring

Winter's are too Long, . .

Warm, Happy, Fun days, are too short, . .

Boredom seems to drag on forever, when you're alone. .

and Laughter, . .is sorely missed.

But, when you're with the Right Person, . . . Time Flies way to Quick, . .yay

. and ya kinda wish it would never end dancing

Moral to this: Everybody gets depressed and down, once in a while, . . it's only natural, . . .

But,. . We must remember, . . There is ONLY, "One person", . .that can make circumstances Change, . . .for the Better, . .. professor , . .
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i really love spring dancing yay
Hi Sweet Heliva, . .

Let's close our eyes, . . think really, really, really Positive, . and Pretend it's a Nice Spring day, . . dancing

All the leaves and grass, are turning that (light green shade) full of fresh, new life, about to begin, . .laugh

and The Birds, with their Happy, chirpin and singin, . . in the background,

are the "fresh new" sounds of music, carried on the soft, gentle breeze, . . .

that brings with it, . .a fresh New Beginning, . . ok?, . . yay
yes your right , thanks dear aJester22 cheers
Cherish each moment you have, because it can never be reclaimed.
Enjoy it, while you can & be thankful that you are lucky to be alive. Unfortunately, it does not last forever. peace

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