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When did you feel more than ever are happy with life?
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ermm ... when i though i won the national lottery by reading 96 as 69 .... got twice as desperate as i was before when i read the number correctly ....

moping moping moping moping
Sweet, Young, Cute, little Heliva, . .

The Happiest, Peaceful, and most Content Moments, (Memories), . .in my life,. .

have always been, . .when I'm holdin someone, . . Very, Very Special, . . . professor

And those Moments, . . were with the The Women I've loved, . .and also, . a couple of New born Infants, . .my two Sons, . .yay
u wanna make me appear like a A greedy/avaricious miser, right Jester?

mumbling mumbling mumbling
im still waiting for my happy moments
i can't really recall any unless you count the day i bought a ps3 .lol.

I guess when I got engaged .........

and a few other times.
I Guess when i saw ur profile....hahaha
dear 10kOhms i hope you win one day thumbs up
I'd love to heliya ... would have a trip over there to see the persian tombs and the remains of the summerian civilisation! (:
and 10K, . .

I'm an old dude, and you're still a young man, who knows ya need to make the Money, . . in order to provide a nice life, . . . professor

for your little woman and three little rugratscheering crying crying crying ,
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