respect your elders

i was told to respect your elders but if they are wrong what do you you
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I try to not deal with them. that is how I think of that rule.
still respect your elders...afterall, they're the one's that care for you to become who you are today...when they were wrong and your right!!!You have the opportunity to explain to them in a good
its not my parents since they are gone but someone else
if this is about bad attitude, it has nothing to do with age, if we are able to tell them then it is good if not maybe through someone else who can be understood by them by giving them some advices
i have no idea what you just said you got me confused
Politely try to explain your "point of view" or say "but I thought it was..." if they disagree leave it alone. Its not the end of the world.

Hope that helps! smile
right thanks it helps
what do you mean by elders? the old age or just few of "us" who have more than If is old our grandpa...means they are as treat like them or the second option perhaps if they are wise more then us..yes, but at the end I think we are instructed to respect the humans being, no? hug of course if they win it!
Elders my not always be right, but they r never wrong. laugh
No seriously, Some time its just best to listen and say nothing at all. Especially if your response is of a arrogant nature.Most of the time their advice is valid. They only have your best interest at heart! When u become an elder u will understand.peace
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