A Herd can be Important, sometimes

In Real Life, . . It is interesting to "watch" the instinctive, . . herd mentality, . . .professor

So Maybe Herds are the "Right thing", . .in some cases, . . dunno

Dictionary:, .
1. large group of domestic animals:
2. large group of wild animals: a large number of wild animals that live, feed, and travel as a group

3. large group of people: a large group of people, often with a common interest, purpose, or bond herds of eager shoppers

4. ordinary people acting as group: ordinary people considered as acting or thinking as a group and lacking the ability to think as individuals (disapproving), . . doh ,.
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Jeez ajester22 what a fabulous video..
Actually, Sweet, Sincere, Scotty,

I must be totally honest with you, . . i didn't really take the actual video myself, . . angel

I just borrowed it from a close friend of mine, . . ok?dancing

and thanks for stoppin by, . .it's nice to meet ya, . wave
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