Last Letter Home

dear kathleen
I got your letter the other day and at first was overjoyed at the sight of that snowy white envelope..I know this will come as a surprise and unwanted but i had to write to you after this tremendous din we just went through..the whistle blew and all i could think as i rose to take it to Johnny Turk was your smile as you bid me bye at the station..the tears glistening in your pretty eye's that implored me to take care and come back safe and it be quick and your home again my dearest heart was a final breathy refrain before you waved me goodbye..

I took a stroll down Broadway, meaning not long for to stay
When who should I meet but this pretty fair maid comes a tripping along the highway She was both fair and handsome, her neck it was just like a swans And her hair it hung over her shoulder, tied up with a black velvet band

do you remember the times we sat and threw pebbles in the dam by the old Mill ? you said to me that when we grow up we will be married and explore this green land..our babe's would be bonny and make us proud and happy when we grew whispered in my ear as you took me by the hand..the times on our backs amongst the summer fields making up stories with the passing clouds as our dreams and hopes..the droning bee's bumbling by as you wriggled closer and held my arm..ohhh davey what a lyfe we will lead..when we are whispered to me..

I took a stroll with this pretty fair maid, and a gentleman passing us by Well I knew she meant the doing of him, by the look in her roguish black eye A goldwatch she took from his pocket and placed it right in to my hand And the very first thing that I said was bad luck to the black velvet band

or the occasion ya mam took a broom and chased me cursing down the lane cos i brought you home late and it is dark as sin she said curses raining down upon me head..yet you were true and untouched as we both swore to wait till the night of our bonding..just to kiss you , my girl , was all i needed to keep warm and hold me tight as the shells rain down..sounding like that storm we got caught in..the sight of you hair bedraggled cheeks flushed from the run to shelter..under that tree were we first met..will stay with me till i die i thought at the time..yet time to live is to short and i wish you well and good is a curse this war and all i wanted is to walk by your side once again..

Before the judge and the jury, next morning I had to appear
The judge he says to me: "Young man, your case it is proven clear
We'll give you seven years penal servitude, to be spent faraway from the land Far away from your friends and companions, betrayed by the black velvet band"

ahhh its getting dark here and a wind is chilling my soul as i write this final letter to love..i had to come over here as it is a duty of all fine strong men to answer when our country calls..i know i promised never to leave your side but i had to and now the whistle's blown and ive met my destiny with no regrets...except you who i adored..i had to come when duty and country blew the whistle..even if it's for those bastards who hold our land in servitude and tax you till your out an the bailiff he does come..when my picture and the youthful memories fade as it should just remember a boy who loved his maiden true..

So come all you jolly young fellows a warning take by me
When you are out on the town me lads, beware of them pretty colleens For they feed you with strong drink, "Oh yeah", 'til you are unable to stand And the very next thing that you'll know is you've landed in Van Diemens Land

and as i lie here cold and lonely all i can think of is a last waltz with my love wearing a black velvet good luck to you and Tommy...and kiss goodbye your mam for me..."Slainte chuig na fir, agus go mairfidh na mna go deo !"........*fade to black curtain*.......
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i realise that "Black velvet band" is a song about transportation to the then colonies (australia) and a better song would maybe "Green fields of France" or "Gallipoli". i just felt "Black velvet band suited the mood better lol ohh yeah the last line ? its an Irish toast...
Sláinte chuig na fir, agus go mairfidh na mná go deo

Health to the men, and may the women live forever.
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