Tryin to stay a sweet loyal guy

I dont want to become a typical a**hole guy but if i keep getting f*cked over by girls im going to be im broken is there anyone who can fix me
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Dear countryboy0103, Maybe you need to pull back on the reins! Are you putting too much into it too early in the relationship? Now that could result in some pretty heavy losses.Nobody ever said you had to spend a bunch of money or put a whole lot into a 1st date. Just put a little out a little at a time. That way, if it doesn't work out, you haven't lost much financially or emotionally. But stay a sweet loyal guy- you'll find someone who will appreciate it!thumbs up
woha, as i know most guys wud luv to get f*ck over by girls, maybe they rly enjoy it, well, i hate it, heheh, i just thk that its barely to meet a nice guy here, wow, heheh, expecially when u talk abt ur ideal match, thats kool, i'll say....
I understand whre you are coming from. It keeps happening to me, too. I have not had ONE legitimate hit on here. I must attract those scammers who eventually ask for money (which I'd never give). But talking and getting into someone and then having that happen (especially when they are talking "meet" after talking for ages), it hurts. I don't know what to tell you about how to avoid it...It's hard to know. My trust factor has been zero for a long time over this exact thing!

Good luck and I hope things come your way better in the very near future.
i think some men pick women like that on purpose so they can become the a**hole they want to be and blame it on all women..
i think women have it much harder because 80 percent of the male population only think about their sex needs and view women as something to use..
i personally dont trust very many men because of the heartless bs most pull.
if we all hate the opposite sex then whats going to happen out of all this?
whats the solution? have a civil war between the sexes and then iliminate ever having children and just become extinct?
seriously you need to find out more about who your dating before giving your feelings to them..if your only going by how hot they are then you only have yourself to blame..just my opinion here but i also had to learn this in life, not to judge a guy by his looks only and get to know him very well before i could feel far i still havent found a guy i feel "safe" around.
Dont ever change... hug
Your too young to think that way.
A relationship takes alot of time and effort.
Tell me how your being f*cked over, maybe mama has some advice for you.
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