short story

In a college , Students were asked to write short stories at least words possible . This story should revolve around three themes were the following :

1. Religion
2. sex
3. secret

The following short story was in total class grade A +

Good god , I'm pregnant , Who do that?

dunno confused
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hahaharolling on the floor laughing
love ya lips to the point.. funny blog sis..great big hug
other options...

1 ) I swear to God that I will kill you, if you tell anyone that we had sex..

2) Ohh God... Sex feels so good... But I'll not tell anyone.!!!

3) Sex is my secret religion....!!! (Believe in that, and I made it with secrecy etc...!!!)

If I think of anything else , I'm going to post it...

thanks john & iamwhoiamyousee thumbs up
thanks makis822 , very nice words laugh
i'm waiting for anothers
Nice questionthumbs up
to that who sees and knows everythingwow professor
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Why pp need these silly tests and other stuff?
lol funny story
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