What is LOVE?

I have had this discussion with many people, trying to gauge what love means to each of us. And every time it has meant differently to different people. The ultimate realisation thus was that love is no longer a simple expression of feelings. Love, in the present fast paced world, is so complex. Often, I come across expressions such as 'it happens' and 'you will find your love one day'.

One of the most amazing feelings that we aspire to achieve - love. We fall in love and every time we do, apparently we tend to believe we found love.Yet, when we fall out of love, we wonder if it was love. Is love supposed to last forever?

Ironically, I have been looking for love myself and often thought that I loved too, only to conclude it may or may not have been love. Love is dynamic, like our high end dynamic websites and the content on these websites that keeps on changing to suit individual and collective needs of the target. After a long debate with one of my friends, I was somehow able to assimilate what love would mean to me. Allow me to share some of the thoughts from the discussion I had with a friend of mine. Here is what she had to say

'To be honest... I have not seen anyone falling in love the way I want to be in. I do not differ in diction but then I happened to derive the meaning of this emotion by contemplating various possibilities and clubbing all the sorts, reasons, asserts and analyses and kept it for myself. DO not interpret that I am abnormal and neither are the thoughts, just platonic and a little different.

Assume that I fall in love … then the first thing is that “””I do not intend to”””” .It happens. And I feel for this person. I like him irrespective of his habits and traits, I like his all things be it weird or unusual, the things that pick on me is an harm on him , be it as minute as a spec , if he is sad , I can kill for this .. a small smile on his face makes me beam . I would love to keep surprising him...care, affection, all are small feelings. You care for a dog too … love a dog too.. So there has to be something that you do differently when you fall in love … and according to me. What I would want to do is.. Give all of it away.. Not keep any part of life which would belong to me. Would rather label everything I have for him.. So that when I look at myself.. I see myself belonging to him. This is a very very strong emotion and if it happens then I would say I am in love. It is simple! … When you are in love, your love can hurt you, can make you cry, can get you disturbed, can kill you,.. And I have no right to complain.. coz what I am , who I am , where I am ,.. I am all his.. Every bit of my heart, every bit of soul… ! All! ….

Not that people cannot be in love. I respect a teenager for the feelings he or she would develop. But just that I am way past that stage of just thinking that love is about being pampered , about being cared for , about being treated like a princess .It is abnormal if I do not like all this too, but then I would not base a relationship on that .I basically want to belong to him ... so much of compatibility, faith , forgiving ….. needs tremendous depth and that is what inherently I want to do … See! .. I am not the kind of a person to accept that all I think is correct and all others are jerks .. no not at all. I am thinking what my life and situations around me make me think .. but then what others think is equally correct . simple … !!!

.......to be continued in next post
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hmmmm you are right!!! Everyone has its own idea of love and to the same question you can get thousand different asnwers but what makes me curious why in love we should forget ourselves and dedicate all our self to other half?? The problem is can we love others if we dont love ourselves !!!
My idea is that in love one cant always give and never get back anything because some time later after giving all and everything and never getting back, you found an immense emptiness and as a result we end up with believes that there is no love at all.
In love or any other relationship everything must be mutual or it will end up with a disaster ...
Respect, honesty and trust are very important factors and no love can survive without these!!! (This is of course my opinion but I respect other people opinions too)
I believe love is a strong feelings we give to others and dont wait anything in return, even when we are not with the person, we always feel love, love is not only a relationship with 2 persons. like she said above we must love ourserves at first, to share it with others.

I think sohug
Thanks ladies for the comments. Yep, I do agree with you, both of you. Maybe you could let me know your opinion on my second blog on love. Would be helpful..:) thanks again.
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