Why do some men think that woman should be sexuall

I become angry with men that judge women on their sexuality. A guy will complain if a woman makes him wait a long time to have sex, but may often feel that she is too “easy” if she sleeps with him right away. I, like most, call that a hypocritical double standard!

If you are a woman who feels that intense s*xual chemistry with someone, and as an adult you decide to sleep with a man on the first date, you better make sure that he is also an ADULT man. You don’t want to regret the whole act of mutual passion after you have sex because he may be a delusional, judgmental, little boy!dunno

In case it had happned to you before, be happy gril and just delect this kind of guy from our minds.cheering

That is just a little advice for adult women. wave
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ermm ... moral?
at least your having sex!rolling on the floor laughing
kinda Sounds like, . . Someone felt intense s*xual chemistry, and a whole Lot of, . . mutual passion , . . confused

on a First Date, . .roll eyes
I understand Nena0308. I've got standards and I won't bend... Guys acts like sex is goin out of style so you have to hurry up and give it to them.. then they also think their p*nis the greatest the 'golden p*nis' in reality they need to watch more of 'sex and the city' to know how we really feel... i tell guys, i'm use to sex and seen p*nis' before.. all the males that i have dated has one and my son does too, so do my deceased husband.. so if thatz all they are bringin to the table they can jus skip me.. cuz that's nothin' new at all to inspire this sista.. lol
Nena0308, I hear what you say and agree with you as I'm sure all women would,I feel that's it's okay if two Adults agree to a one niter,Bonk on the Beach...so to speak,however as long as there is honesty and that you both agree that it's a one night stand, and nothing more,if that's what your into.

Personally,I prefer to have the man wait for Sex because I have respect for myself and wish for the man to have the same for me,and it's true they loose all respect for you if you sleep with them on the first date.

A man who genuinely is looking for a relationship will wait,and respect the woman's wishes,I went on a date just recently not on this site,and knew the Creep was going to ask for sex after-wards,I understand the raging hormones ect however after declining I didn't receive another request for another date.lol

That was a blessing anyway as why would I want to date that 'little boy' damned if you do damned if you don't.
I have learned that a man is a natural predator.. and enjoys the thrill of the hunt. Now, they might not act like they do, but statistics show, that woman who abstain from having sex with a man she is newly dating, will have him alot longer, if she does not give him what he wants right away. Theory is, once the prey is caught, and he tastes the meat...the hunt is no longer any fun...and the man will then be just an average Joe because he does not have to work for his prey anymore...so, moral is, don't give in for a lonnnnng time...keep those gifts and flowers and proposals coming....no matter how old you are..it's worth it! peace
Though not the only reason -- scientists have determined that there is an ingrained, genetic, drive in men to procreate. Those hormonal primal urges are probably a lot more difficult for younger men to control than it is in older men, possibly because in older men there is a high probability that they already have children.

Also, after a man has sex, those same genes often switch to a kind of nesting syndrome. We have all heard of women's concerns that a man, after having sex, then gets possessive with the woman -- younger men will often vocalize their "nesting" wants by claiming they are in love (rather than just "in lust".

I am sure there are many other reasons, including just being a plain dumb sh*t.


Mike professor
men who use women and are immature babies will do these things ,but also most men dont have respect for a woman if shes physical too soon.
some women think using their bodies will make a man love them but it usually has the opposite effect.
besides love lasts, lust doesnt..
men need to fall in love first and have respect for the lady before she gives into sex..
some men its just a game to them..they might wait and then after they finally get sex they lose interest.
for them its the thrill of the chase.
i personally dont trust any man that i dont know very well.
i would have to find a man who is one out of a million and he proves he is before i trust again.
Hello guyswave

Thank you for all your comments on this subject. I agree with some consideration and comments, but I would remind you that I meant: IF IT EVER HAPPEN TO A WOMAN FEELS THE CHEMISTRY IN THE FIRST MEETING... I did not mean we must alwyas have sex at the first meeting, because I do also agree that we should even know very well the man before having a s*xual involvement ...Anyway, as we say in my country: "if we are in the rain, we must get wet", it means that in this life we are subjected to all kinds of experiences, bads and good. So that, do not blame yourself if this ever happens with some of you, just try to avoid, forget it and... BE HAPPY!

cheering teddybear
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