Snow Is Back In Tennessee Again

Well, I see the snow had to make another pass through South Tennesee again. This is a good time to sleep . Is anyone else besides me already tired of snow? conversing I'm ready for warmer weather and the shorts to come out again. How about you?
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Yes I've becoming tired of the snow.

While traveling down to Tennessee I enjoyed seeing the snow on the mountain sides and such.

Hopefully in the springtime I'll be able to travel down to Gatlin Tennessee.
I feel sorry for you guys that are not use to it. It usually snows here and then again. Plowing your driveway is foremost on your mind everyday. Snow never leaves the ground 'till spring or at least March. Here we know there will be one more snow fall on or around St.Patrick's day before it is entirely gone for good. Hang in there.Hollyhandshake wave
Well if you like you can come up here to Canada! cold cold so far
where I live we've had close to 6feet of snow fall so far, & we still have
about 2 months left of winter. frustrated moping It's been a record
breaking year 2010/11 Does that make ya feel any better? laugh
Hey Springguy. Yeah, you just made me feel alot better. applause I really feel for you folks up north.comfort Can't wait for the sun!!! cool
Glad I could help out Cityboy. cheers We Canadians are a hardy bunch
we have to be if we're born here & grow up with it. When we're all kids
we loved playing in it no matter how cold it was. Then we become adults
& most of us curse it the older we get. very mad laugh Most of us refer
to it as Brass Monkey time. laugh
In South Jersey we got 3 inches of snow over night and gerring 6 - 12 inches tonight. HURRY UP SUMMER.
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