Just my opinion but is it worth considering?

Just my opinion but is it worth considering?

Man made religions since their conceptions have been at the centre of most, if not all, the conflicts that mankind has endured throughout history, causing the sufferings to millions of people all over the world. Enabling men, mostly, to have power and control over those unable to resist namely ‘children’. By installing false ideologies’ into young minds, from an early age, would ensure ‘to question’ them would unlikely arise for fear of the repercussions of so doing.
They start their ’indoctrination’ early, with children too young and unable to make up their own minds. No matter whether they are Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims or any other religious ideology, it’s the same.
It’s no different, in some ways, as telling young children “if you are naughty, Santa Clause won’t bring you any presents” or “if you don’t go to sleep, the Bogy Man will get you”. Similarly telling them that if they leave their tooth under the pillow, the ’tooth fairy’ will replace it with a coin and there are many other ’ideas’ that are put into young heads.
Most of these ’suggestions’ we install into children minds will eventually, with age, be found out not to be true and accepted as just stories that they will be obliged to pass on to their children. Many are harmless but try telling an adult who after having a ’religious idea’ drummed into their heads from ’day 1’ that, for instance, Jesus and Mohamed were just ’fairy tales’, that the ‘Bible’ is only a book of stories. Or that by denying yourself a ’normal’ life, as in the case of those who shut themselves from the rest of the world, you will find ’enlightenment, a ’spiritual awakening’, try and explain to them it’s a load of rubbish.
Oh but there is, I believe, a creator or a ’God’ but one who lives inside of me. One only I can talk to when I’m ’troubled’ and most importantly the only one I need ask forgiveness from. I don’t need a huge stone building filled with gold symbols etc, or people dressed up in ‘daft’ costumes telling me that ‘through them’ my sins will be forgiven, who are these people? My conscience will tell me, if what I’m doing, is not something I would want done to myself, surely that is the only ’rule’ I need apply throughout my whole life.
I cannot accept that ’this’ is all there is, there has to be a reason and it will be revealed to us when the time comes. Until then I hope that the life I have lived will show I’ve tried to be a ’human being’ and whatever may ’follow’ will reflect this.
In conclusion then, the sooner all ’religions’ are eradicated from the minds of children and in place we teach them to Accept, Respect, treat as Equals each and everyone who live on this tiny planet and with regard to everything ’Nature’ has provided for us, then this world will be a more peaceful and happier place to raise future generations because if we keep on going as we are, inciting hatred and mistrust ’there isn’t going to be a future’.
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How do you propose to "eradicate" all Religions?
Conrad the answer is contained in the final paragraph.
Only man could create the notion of a vain superior being. laugh
Conrad the answer is contained in the final paragraph!

Nope it isn't!
Collectivism is the Cause of all those Religions!
and more of the same Poison isn't the answer!

The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal. - Aristotle

Your form of Compromise will make things even worse!
As with all 'opinions' they are open to different interpretations, results of which, we see as with the Bible and Quran. If people wish to follow like sheep so be it but then don't complain when things don't go as you were told they would.
All I'm suggesting, as I mentioned in the last paragraph (repeating myself) when we begin to teach children that you don't need a 'vain God', as some put it, nor any false idiology to be a human being. Live your life as you would wish for everyone else to live, then when you leave this plane you could be in for a surprise.
No one can say there is 'nothing' after this life, neither is there any proof of the existence of a God, made up by 'man' but that doesn't mean there isn't something.
Thank you Grandad for sharing. I also have similar views and understandings.

How about going back(with some updated features as we live and learn) going back to a Matriarchal system? All the religions you spoke of were born in the Patriarchal system. When I was researching a book I came across this line ( approximate quote) "The mother is a reflection of the child's image of themselves...". I put it in my own words like this, "It is your mother who gives you your self image". The conclusion maybe, When we are whole within ourselves (quit hating ourselves) the "Sky gods" (current Patriarchal religions) will have to leave. Maybe that will get their grubby hands off our throats. The "Age of Aquarius"(when Matriarchy was at it's prime based on some research out there) is still not here but is around the corner. Maybe the way we are thinking today is a precursor to our collective evolution. Maybe there is hope after all, if we do not exterminate ourselves before hand.
Keep writing grandad.
Good. I like that. The true is insight of each one of us. I should add the scienceand govern in thatthumbs up peace
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