FYI: i am bi polar

Ok i dont know who is going to read this and i really dont care. I just want to get this out there for everyone to know that is interested in me. I AM BI POLAR! Have been for a very long time. I am not "fixable". I am me and i will always be this way. It is who i am. I DO NOT work. Period. I also have anxiety issues to go along with the bi polar disorder. I am not posting this for sympathy or anything of that nature. I just want ya all to be aware. I am a very kind, compassionate,caring woman who is managing pretty well under the circumstances. So if you think you can take me on to fix me dont bother, just skip to the next person cuz i am not broken. Point blank. I can take care of myself pretty well with the help of my close friends and family. If you want to know me just ask. I wont bite. I promise:)
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good for you dear, at least someone is honest! laugh
i think your bi polar side wrote this.
i think these days we are all a bit bi polar

Speak for yourself mate ... I am tripolar ...
im just bi .wow rolling on the floor laughing
Yes; I have bipolar and feel similar to you!!!

Ya, "don't fix me" is my attitude (it doesn't work eh)

by: fleecygirl
As you may have expected some will make jokes about being bipolar, but I have bipolar l disorder. I have been this way since I was a kid and for years no one could figure that out. I am alone, raising my granddaughter and manage on my own. Counseling helped put me together along with the meds. I won't bite unless someone else bites me first. No we are not repairable, but it sets us apart from others until we get together with others like ourselves and see that we are not out of the loop as others would have us believe. Thank you for this post. peace
Well girl dont believe much what people describle about you, even doctor, i should tell you dont believe either you always will be this way, because life changes all the time, though time is only one.
good luck to you,

teddybear bouquet

I'm just an old fart who happened to read your post.

I have a son who is bi-polar, who feels exactly the same as you do. And he told me about exactly the same thing as you are saying in your post. So I stopped trying to give advice.

You are entirely correct. It is your life to do with as you wish.

But you need to be aware that there are always consequences for every decision, that you will also have to accept -- and sometimes that can be pretty hard. So my hope for you is that you have a strong support system that you can always rely on.

Take care and good luck to you.

Mike wave
I have a 24-yr.old who is bi-polar, ADHD, with extreme anxiety & more. None of it's fun, and anxiety is really, really rough. It's wonderful if you have good friends & family.
There are ways for it to be even better - however, that takes some really understanding, knowledgeable professionals - which can be extremely hard to find(we've been very fortunate to find both- if you ever want to try any outside help, feel free to write me. The people I know could recommend someone in your area. These two that I know are near-genious, super-compassionate, the best. One once told the other - "Don't die. Too many people need you.")
Anyway, just thought I'd let you know, if you ever want any info. Don't know if you're receiving Soc.Sec., but can help w/that also.

Best wishes & keep on hanging in there. Sounds like you're doing a great job rose
hug You have my full admiration for your honesty
I have Schizophrenia and trust me, I know all about the stigma and what you have to deal with.
Just an observation from experience. I think you are highly psychic and trying to get in-sync. Keep writing. It really helped me not to hate myself anymore. Peace
Somewhere else on this website is a subject about someone dealing with a friend with bi polar. First I want to say thank you for accepting it and having the intestinal fortitude to announce it to everyone.

Second, Shame on all of you that make jokes about it. we all know it is simply because you are ignorant about the subject. It can be at times a living hell for anyone dealing with someone affected with Bi polar, it is also a living hell for those affected with the same disorder. they don't "choose" to have this. they don't "choose" to become enraged about things. it just happens.

Yes you are not fixable, but it sounds like you have a pretty good handle on the situation as best you can fairy chick.

I am also affected with something, but all they can say so far is it is some type of mood disorder. I have my up's n downs. I am on meds, but I am not satisfied with my treatment.

I also don't work. I try to maintain some websites from home. it is simply I cannot deal with people in general, or driving the hour to town etc. it's better these days. I don't dare go and do my old profession of truck driving because I would certainly run someone over on purpose. that's why I stopped working and sought treatment.

One more thing to the "jokers" making those comments. Try for once understand what someone might possibly might be going thru, and what it takes to be so honest and upfront with people so there isn't any surprises later on.

Good luck with your treatment Fairy chick
I have four disorders.. Bi-polar, borderline personality disorder, somotoform disorder and anorexia. My bi-polar is my first axis in my disabilties, I cannot work. If I tell anyone on this site, they always ask if I am ok?! OF course I am. With my meds and a therapist in my life I get along great! My mood swings are finally gone. I have alot of issues but, I am working through them. I know that I will need this help for the rest of my life. It took a lifetime to get it, now it will be a lifetime trying to help it. head banger very happy
your right crazy papi laugh i was just being honest also but i see how it really wasn't the place for it or appropriate given the blog subject. i apologise to the fairy chick laugh it's just these handle names are getting me today lol i seriously wonder if im bi polar i think it took courage for her to write this blog good luck fairy chick hope things work out for you.angel head banger
Session, it really wasnt aimed at you. I think it was cute, and an eye opener wow

I do understand as I used to long ago not know what to say when I knew someone had a mental disorder.

I am usually the first one to make a joke about something when I am uncomfortable about it. They say humor is medicine. I try my best at that.
well your handle name is definitely breaking the ice crazy papi laugh it's true though first responders policemen firefighters paramedics all the horrible things they see and deal with without a sense of humor they'd be toast.laugh i think that goes for everyone and anyone who lives in this world . some people are evil and cruel gotta have a thick skin and people with mental or any disorder are vulnerable to heartless losers it's sad but true. it should never be ignored if you see it people have to help each other but that's not reality for most.doh peace
Your right Session, I don't know what it is...but people get on the internet with some sort of anonymity and become somebody they would never be in person.

From what I have observed people would rather ignore, or block and delete someone rather than discussing the issue. I am referring this to people in some sort of relationship and not just some stranger making rude communications. There used to be a day when there was a disagreement between a couple, the guy could send a card, or send flowers, or bring flowers to her and try to resolve the issue. These days, that is seen as stalking or harassment.

It's no wonder these days the failure rate of marriages, or even relationships is astronomical! Not many want to deal with communicating, or discussing a problem or misunderstanding. They just simply want to Push the "delete" button and move on to the next thing, or person.

I know it's a little off topic but sometimes I rant that way.

My username was selected for a few reasons. Normally I would say like Baliw papi Baliw is crazy in Tagalog the Philippines language.

But since not many people would realize that and go "huh"? then I selected the current username.
well i like it crazy papi head banger what you say is true your probably the second or third person i've actually had a discussion with on a topic since i joined here 3 months ago.conversing lol it's not a communication breakdown it's people not trying to talk about a issue they just press report or delete as soon as you disagree with their opinion . my sense of humor isn't for everyone laugh but i don't try to intentionally hurt people this has been happening since my first day here i wrote a very non controversial blog and was attacked and insulted now when i write a blog it's constantly reported as being offensive because im guessing somebody or somebodys don't like me lol it's political correctness gone wild lol could the internet be turning people into a world of disconnected wussies it's just craziness i say. laugh
I knew there was a reason I used to enjoy driving thru WI.

I am not very PC. yes I try to have tact, but even's misconstrued.

My humor tends to be dry. I can say something to someone with a complete straight face jokingly and its taken serious. Well that's my way.

I tend to call myself an equal opportunity offender. There's your PC style.

I gave up long ago trying to please others. Yes there is a time to do that, but not at the expense of your own self. Not always.

It really is the me Generation these days. Quite possibly that is why I stay home here in the mountains. I have a handful of neighbors whom I hardly ever see, and when I do I know what they are all about and we pretty much share the same views.

In summary, I am just me. Take it or leave it. I am old school, and I like it that way.

Good day.
i want to thank everyone for their responses....everyone is welcome to their opinion of course :) if i find it irritating of offensive i will let ya'll know:)
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