Love Ingredients

Mutual respect, honesty, compassion, affection, loyalty, opennes and also there are jeleousy, mistrust, insecurity, untruth.
Now its all up to u, which one of those ingredients will u take as ur love recipe. heart wings
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The taste could be happiness or unhappiness and pain, depend on what u put into heart1
put some kisses and hugs in it then taste my friend it makes it so much better
Sure it is, good point ;)
you are gonna find the Ingredients at the walmart
Lol i bet u coming there over over n over, thanks for share ur experienced btw. rolling on the floor laughing
i put the first 5 into every relationship. they always bring the last 4 into it, and thats why im on a singles site now. i have never dated a woman that didnt lie and cheat. still, i will always offer trust and respect into every new date and see what they give back. peace
I know exactly what u feel as i've been in the same situation. And yes its not fair when u r the person who honest to relationship but other one is not. Keep on searching n u have to be faith that there's a good girl for a good guy like u. Good luck!
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