im american i just wanted to know how every one feels about america don't worry i won't be mad at what you say we have our own opinions for me i think the whole world is beautiful thanks ...... john
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I think we all have to Just Put a side all the problems that is goin on in our world !! cuz otherwise you wont find any beautiful country !!

For me US is a wonderful country full of wonderful people !! I know so many amazing americans on this website and I know so many in the town as well !! and they're so cool and nice ...

If we gonna blame people for what politics say .. !! t
hen ..Damn it ..we gonna start hating on each other !! and that's just WRONG !

John !! You are The best teddybear Take Care Bro.

thanks my friend your great friend and sister to me my habibi swan
You need to post that question in the International Forum!laugh grin cheers
no i don't thanks anyways
I like America but why are some Americans so loud? laugh I am sorry but it's true and very noticeable over here. I guess they may say why are we so quiet? laugh
What counts is always the person! I have been in the USA and met great people. They had been kind, friendly, very helpful and easy going. Their way of life is very similar to ours, everything is well organized and I had a good time on my holidays. So to your question: I really like it there!
your right pixels some of us are loud don't know why
thanks for the comment venus&mars
the only difference between egypt and america is freedom . i just use that example because what's obviously going on their now. 200 families have 90 percent of the wealth of egypt in america 5% have all the wealth . that's 95% who don't . talk about total hypocrisy.mumbling laugh
I lived in New York for eleven years and my passport is the same colour as yours so I care what happens to America.
However if it is to reverse its noticable decline it needs to realise:
that an escalating deficit is a recipe for future disaster.
The military industrial complex is soalking up the wealth and resources at the expence of the welfare of the American people.
Democracy has been usurped by rich cliques in both parties and especially by the lobbiests to the detriment of the American people. Americas foreign policy needs to be for the interests of all Americans as opposed to that of any foreign goverment with friends in high places.
very well said gleneagle thumbs up the players and movers n shakers will always have the power. lobbyists good jobs connections that means the money to. most politicians only care about themselves and their friends . sound familiar egypt.grin
I loved that, the culture, they values(most of them)

we can not judge a country by political, because, it is not differ much from others countries

US is a great super power but i don't like interference in other countries' policy. Like Pakistan is weakening it's own foundation under the influence of US's dictations. WAR against terrorism has completed around almost 10 years but no outcome so far. Keeping all these things aside. The world including US has humanbeings living on the land, in relation to being a human, i love all humans and can't see any one in danger. It really is a lovley nation with lovely people. thumbs up
I was in America twice in 2007 and 2009 and people were really kind, smily and friendly and once in Chicago I was looking at the map and trying to find where I am almost everybody stopped and asked if I need any help. New York city is a little bit different because everybody is so busy there and hectic. I met only nice people there and thats why I love americans
thanks my friends very nice comments and about egypt i wish them well to get the free democracy they want im for the people not for any government it should always be about the people every one god bless .... john
the world hates Americans they are always poking their noses in and causing wars
thanks for your comment not all americans are like me im about peace thanks
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