the importance of love in our lives.

Today in day live in a consumerist society and accelerated and we are increasingly connected to the Internet world
often inadvertently end up becoming so pure feelings like love and friendship in meros''contatos vrtuais''
which sometimes does not hold true are not many less sincere. love is a noble sentiment and requires much dedication (at least for me)
Besides being constantly nourished by both parties. must learn to love, viverpara outro.Algumas the times, the desire to find the perfect match is so urgent that the relations are based solely on what the other person has to offer, or in some cases, people even ask themselves: is that someone will really meet all my needs? this kind of thinking prevents us from seeing the other person as he is for real. So we can live any kind of relationship in a more enjoyable and frankly, we give up our selfish desires''of''our projections and accept our way of being and also the personality of the loved one, like any human being has his virtues and his defects. We must have time to listen, understand and share our anceios. demonstrate not only with words but through concrete actions that we feel
for me both in love and friendship are the feelings that they need time to be cultivated so that they can develop and become sustainable we need to show willingness to learn from the other part of your life aferecer a hug, a look ...
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nobel plog too
noble i meant ouch
You're right. Most people enter into a relationship just to see what they can get out of it and they fail because in order for a relationship to succeed, one needs to be "Other Centered" not self centered. Successful relationships are always other centered and grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually thumbs up
you are so right dear, Our selffish needs, is prevent us from having a good relationship, 99.99% of the profile I have read through is too demanding from the other party, the question is : what will you give in return, that the other party will not offer?
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