Does this comp. connecting ever really work ??????

I would like to hear from someone that says this comp. dating ever works ?????????????confused
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You meet alot of interesting people met about 2 good people from internet dating the rest were bad news I guess its who you are and who you wanna meet to make it work
well it depends of what you are looking for....i meet some liers, fakes, players...and some wonderful great friends, very special people here, and who knows maybe my soul-mate only time will tell, but don't give up there is someone some were for you even if it takes a long time to find it...if you fall down get up and start to walk stright againhead banger handshake
It did for my brother he married a woman he met on this site as for me dunno
Like everyone has posted so far, you meet some winners and some losers. I could say that it does work, because I married someone I met off of another dating site. But then again I'm divorced now. :-p
You just have to wade through the people until you find someone you're compatible with, which seems impossible and hopeless sometimes. It's all a matter of patience.
I think it works as well as any means of getting together. The problem is that it's more like a launch pad. Very often the shuttle never takes off. There can be a lot of wasted time moving back and forth between nonsense. I've been roaming a variety of sites for almost 3 years. I've met many during that time. You have to view them mostly as 'blind dates' even when there's an available pic. I've had a few circumstances that were reasonably long term. But it's like everything else - after meeting you have to hook up ; after hooking up - you have to stay the course. I find as I get older it takes more to make the connection and even longer to find something to hook up to. But you have to be in it to win it. I'd say if you're lucky to have a network of gal pals to go out with that MIGHT be a better option. If you're willing to pass time than this is valid. As time goes on you'll be able to read into who's a player or a time waster and who's for real. AND EVEN THEN - it's a virtual world, so you shouldn't be surprised if he FLIES away over nite. Peple don't exactly take each other SO seriously out here. I believe they should be as considerate as they would be face to face. GOOD LUCK
Thanks to all of you for your wine
I think this could really work. You just need to find the person you connect to. I guess this is like a huge bar, where you look at everyone and choose who you talk to, and like in real life, you'll be rejected by some, answered by others, loved by one if ur lucky.
I wonder the same thing... it's just an introduction and the rest depends on the follow-through, 'just like real life'. I'm a little shy and thought this would be a great avenue to make some contacts with new people. It isn't really working out the way I expected so far...

You seem nice though!
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