Or is it a way to have more mates & what's the secret to success online? True soulmate searchers please leave comments!!!
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well not only am i seeking my soul mate but the man who will complete the other half of me and bring out the buried things inside help me to be in the best possible light. he will be my compliment in the areas i need him in and i will be there to make him grow in the areas he needs complimenting on as well. If you look inside u will begin to recognize things that only a man can enhance in you and vice versa with him as well.
This is so true, men & women really do need each other in so many ways but sometime hate to admit to it. The right 2 can really strengthen each other in so many ways & except each other for who they are.
what's the secret to success online?

the same an the secret too success in life never stop going forward only when you stop does nothing change if you keep extended your hand an trying find what you desire that love which you seek will find a way too take that hand an bring you happiness
Well, i doubt it. Its quantity, not quality. 99% of women here are hiding behind their PC in a virtual world, waiting for God himself to appear in their boring life. But evev then would rather go on surfing till the end of time. Mostly they want to stay in touch with the male world, but dream instead real action.

Nevertheless CS is perhaps the best site and i appreciate their high-tech site for all. Good luck to you all.
Am very sure that here is not useful for finding a match : )good luck to all
Aaawww...common I think we would be perfect together! xx
im not very lucky on this site myself !! but my brother met his wife online..and they are happy. :) and a friend met her partner on this site and are just setting up home in west of ireland, so it does work for some..whats meant to be is to be be..stay true to your self.purple heart
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