Question: Can you really find love in other countr

Is it me or is it something attracting & interesting seeing how many from other parts of the world truly feel about love. After all "LOVE" is a universal language that we all desire & want someday no matter where or what race a person is. I need your feedback on this one!!!
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Love is universal the same all over the world ,

it may seem like those from other countries seem to love deeper but it is just that most from other countries are more ready to commit to love for a life here its a plus plus for most

what makes us all the same is just having someone to share our life with and you can find love anywhere anytime with the most unlikely person you thought you would ever fall in love with

thats what is so exciting about it
cheering yay
Why not ? love is the same the whole world over... no matter where you go people still love each other...
Your soulmate is where you less expect it. First sight love, a flower, letters, it is amazing the way you get involved with the other person little by little, no matter which race or nationality when two sincere hearts talk to each other.. Yeh i think that anyone can find true love in the other part of the world...:)
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