I wanted to read AB’s Carnal Sin badly. It’s her second novel in Sin series. Have read her first one, Original Sin. It was so so. But I like the heroine character. Reminding me about someone I know. blushing Well, not really. But the similarity is significant. laugh

As the novel is not yet sold here, I want to buy e-book version. Have browsed and found one seller. But I was a bit worried as the seller was not from the same country as mine. How if I found some problems? confused

I was so happy when I found an online shop in my city, and it has an outlet in a mall. I left the office a bit early than my usual time and took a special bus as the traffic is worse. Hey, it’s Friday here. I was so excited that I told my close friends that I was going to read that book tonight.grin

I was disappointed when I found the outlet. It was just a tiny one and it was closed. I almost went home but then I decided to visit brauhaus, to have my eyebrow plucked. Ewww, it reminded me how I seldom have my eyebrows trimmed. It’s so hurt. And I have bushy eyebrows. sad

After the torture, I remembered a phrase, never give up.professor So I went back to the outlet and voila, it opened. boogie

I had to open an account first, no problem. Then I bought the novel. Too bad they didn’t have JDR’s Indulgence in Death. daydream

Took a taxi to go home and had problem with the internet connection.sigh First I had to install the adobe program. Then download the e-novel I bought. Now I could say that am quite familiar in installing programs. Will have a new novel to read. giggle

I already lust this novel before reading the whole pages. “Lust’s passion will be served; it demands, it militates, it tyrannizes – Marquis de Sade.” hmmm

Sorry pals, I will be too busy with my new novel but yes, tomorrow I still want to go to that Ribs place. Yummy. Err, I know am supposed to be vegetarian this week. blushing
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Hi Sweeet Miss Mizzy, . .

If you wanted to read all about Carnal Sin, . . I coud have saved you a lot of trouble, . . .professor

I could Have just sent ya a copy of my Diary, . . when i was younger, . . doh

Hi Jesterwave

You have a diary that all can read? Interesting hmmm Keep writing your diary and maybe you can have it published someday giggle
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