englishman living on beautiful greek island

Hi my name is malcolm i live in thassos northern greece I have been on this [conn/singles ]6 weeks now and totally fed up pissed off with SCAMMERS I am a genuine 61 y.o.fiancially secure bloke whom loves life and just wants to get on with it!!!!!Any very feminine ,confedent honest ladys out there want to come for aholiday first then see what happens??? I have a beautiful holiday appartment very near tyo my home that you can stop[free of charge] for the duration of your stay what more can i offer..lots of love and affection xxxxxxxdancing yay yay yay
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there are simple solution - don't speak all the time about your money and how wealthy you are, but wait for somebody who is interested in you as personality... But then you must have something what to offer for soul and intellect, not only beach house and wine and sex... Guess that in your age you must have something also in your heart and head what you can offer to women, except your mature body and d*ck valet.
This is the 3rd blog I have seen that you have written. In all 3 you are bragging about your money and your age. Surely you have more going for you than money and age.....
Malcolm you should change the line or one of these days you really are going to get scammed and I hate to see anyone who has worked for their money throw it at a scammer.
Money isnt everything (although it does help) Malcolm a genuine female will be interested in you for who you are not what you have. If you keep going on about how much money you have, you will only gets scammed be careful. Just saying! bouquet
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thassos town, East Macedonia and Thrace, Greece

60y.o.tall fit gentelman,fairley long hair,wears glasses good looking non smoker,smart,not old fashioned,loves life...believes life is for living so i am going to live it while i am alive !!! THERES CERTAINLY NO ABSOLUTE STANDARD OF BEAUTY..THA [read more]

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