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There are so many liars on this site, that it's really discouraging. I've had one guy with 3 nicks and 3 different pictures try to chat with me and I know by the way he chats, that it's the same guy. I've gotten so that I don't believe a word that any of them type to me. I've also gotten so that I won't give out my phone number or IM address. It's just too scary. You just never know who you're talking to. Too many liars. Isn't there a way that you can screen them so that they can't use more than one user name and picture and pretend to be someone else? It would sure help.

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teddybear Thats why you have to be so C A R E F U L L as to W H O you communicate with, and pay close attention to the information they are asking you, then figure out if it is comond to ask such things in the beginning of the relationship.........OUT of all 9 dating networks I've been on, this very, very beautyful young lady (look like a RICH mans kid) wanted to have a relationship with ME, out of all the guys (on-line) that are closer to her own age, which i know she could have way more fun with. After I caught her in the THIRD lie. I quit talking to her. I checked her profile before we start talking. It SAID she was 50 & single. Stairring at her photo while on (IM) i could tell, she an't had a 38th birthday yet and there are no DOCTORS that do plastic surgery that G O O D!!! Thats when she said "I'am really 35, i just like dating older men. this happens to be a long story, this is about 1 third of it. want the rest, I be glad to email it to you!!!When I start dating someone H O N E S T Y means more that anything. It's E A S Y to forgive them for 1 lie, but after 3 in the same day (is a strike out.) take care. wave
Ive caught men pretending to be women writing to me
You can usully tell
Well, I would have thought that
1) if they are reported
+ 2) if the administrator bans via ip then it would

= 3) any alt id's that the user has created are banned also. (assuming he's running through the same addy)

maybe the network is set up differently, or maybe there aren't enough people reporting them, or perhaps it's just too large an issue.
Yawn.....yes it must be really scary for you. If you think that the entire male population of CS is a liar then why dont you do us all a favour and leave the site? You sound so full of negativity......who needs it.
Whether they are liars or scammers they are out there. You just have to be watchful with anyone. I would not give up on the rest of the guys who are on this site. I have met some very nice ones who have become friends and I don't mean someone I met and wasn't romantically interested in. I don't have problems with liars or scammers so I imagine my profile keeps them at bay. rolling on the floor laughing
yeah i knw about that... so we should b careful comfort
You are right. I had a contact with a guy, big liar, who tried to make me send money....but I'm romantic not stupid!! Anyway let's go on taking fun and being alert.
"The values do not exist a priori. Nowhere is it written that there is honesty is a virtue to be cultivated, which is done is lie. In a world where there are only men/women, where the Divine was deleted. Only you can make choices" - Satre

It is very said, well, this is our word.

Good luck

Respected Graceful Gorgeous angel
Mannered Sophisticated Vocalist. peace
With in 11 years you didn't find any true man.
Wish you good luck bouquet
peace hug
We are all liars because the truth of yesterday becomes a lie tomorrow. professor

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