Real Bord..

I need sum1 to keep me bizzy... I hate t.v. I barely watch it n besides derez neva nothyn on... Can't 'lay gamez by my self n I need a new Xbox cord to play my Xbox... If datz not bord idk wat iz...lmfao
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bizzy = busy?
yez it dose i don't lyke touse proper english unless i have to... Lmfao
Well so you work? Have friends? It would help if you try to find other forms of interest. Go to libraries, museums or invest in an interest that you have considered and never tried. I am reclusive and don't have anything, but for my personal interests and my granddaughter to look after. I don't watch t.v. much, but she is getting into my CD collection and plays them a lot. Consider this...... peace
Hey do you know the Della Russo's? They are Italians that live in Hyde PArk! They are my friends but haven't seen them in a long time!
oh i see... good... I would consider that to be a dream job!! hehe (:
10k u do dat lol.. 2 All othaz i get bord easrly i listen to music dat don't work, i try to do otha thynz it juzt don't work.. DA ONLY THYNZ DAT WORKZ IZ CONVOS....
This is a forum, not a text or instant message.
i guess ppl. Like to chat on blogs to.. It dosen't botha me so y is it botha'n u??
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