What do you really want?

Hi all,I've been a member on here for quite a few years now,firstly with the possibility of meeting someone,but now just for the forums, and to chat to friends.
What is your reason for joining a dating site?Are you really hoping to meet Mr. or Miss Right on the internet or is it just a pastime,and somewhere cool to hang out.dunno
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I joined to chat but have found someone special, going to meet her soon, cant wait!
I pined because my granddaughter wanted me to put myself out there and find someone. When I read that CS is about making friends with a small possibility of meeting a soul mate I was sold. I like things as they are for me. I have been single for 5 yrs and started raising my granddaughter a year later. If I were to meet someone who is genuine then that would be a plus. I have made many friends on here and that means a lot. This is a cool place to hang out as I go nowhere else. yay
Hi adeje, Hope everything works out well for you. There are some really nice link ups that have happened on C.S.It really is a great site.
I met my ex wife on a place like this.. It was great while at lasted, but we went our seperate ways.

... i'm just on here to chat .. it's cOOL to meet people from all over the world .. even if it is JUST in cyberspace! .. it's nice to say hi and get an almost instant hi back .. from someone on the other side of the globe .. ain't modern technology grand?? banana
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