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Is there anyone out there who can b real, honest, understanding, kind, sweet and there for me.. It's funny how it takes me to put up a freaky pic. For men to hit me up.. It's like wow you guys don't care about the female or evan read their profile.. Why do men only think with their dickz? (Not say all men are like that). What ever happen to a man getting to know someone for who they are not for what they put out or have to offer... If there is a real man out there then you know what to do.. Hope erveryone is enjoying their day.... Much Luv: Ebaby617:teddybear:
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Men who are sincere and want to take time getting to know a girl are cut off after a few e mails. That's why all the guys YOU do attract are carriers of bad vibrations. The pictures you display are offensive to guys with good intentions.
Perhaps you should write your profile properly. As it is it's hard to read. STOP using text speak.
You may be an intelligent person but that does not come through in your profile. Reads like a 16 year old girl wrote it.
I understand where u guys are comming from. But wouldn't you i call that stero typing, sexist and judgemental... I don't feel like i have to type the way ya'll think i should be typing I have my own style and way to do things, thats what makes me unique and different from everyone else..i'm very intelligent and a college grad. I can't say that for everyone else on here.. I AM VERY DIFFERENT FROM EVERYONE ELSE AND THAT IS WAT MAKES ME WHO I AM... WHATS WRONG WITH THE WORLD IS NOONE CAN ACCEPT ANYONE WHO IS DIFFERENT. WITH THAT SAID GET TO KNOW SOMEONE AND STOP BEING SO DAMN JUDGEMENTAL AND WANTING EVERYONE TO BE THE SAME.. ACCEPT ME FOR WHO I AM...
There's nothing wrong with being different but if u are a college grad like you say here in your profile there's a place & time for everything & maybe this is not the place or time. I text alot too but when i'm here i try my best to correct my words so others don't judge me the wrong way although i do make mistakes here every now & then. Just keeping it 100 ( see what i mean), LOL
Wow, twice today I've had to report someone.
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