Valentine day

Hi all,

It is not so easy all the time - doing everything by yourself at home and this special time maybe we are thinking a lot of why we are spending our times for ourself.

It is in the middle of the night here - the start of Valentines day and not so easy to go to bed.

A big bed with space for two and you have all space for yourself. Is this the meaning of our lives? I don´t think so!

But to find someone matching you is not always so easy - in my case I have a special kid to think about and sometimes it feels so hard.

My kids is the most important I have for now and if someone steel my heart they also have to accept my kids - and beleve me it is not always so easy - I already know.

But at last everytime then I begin to think like this - it always ending up by thinking - I have my kids, we have it nice and we are not sick - we have lots of things to be happy about.

Everybody out there - take care and have a very special Valentines day.
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Awwwwwwwwww ... nice blog ... bouquet HaPpY ValenTines DaY to U and all other singles out there .. ! Take heart .. look on the bright side .. ya didn't havta fork out aNy bux for chocs .. flowers .. or cards ... yay
You must remember that when you have children every day is Valentine's Day. They will always be with you and show their love unconditionally. Happy Valentine's Day to ya! comfort
Valentine's Day is a day to show/share love. My children are grown up and left the nest a long time ago. Today I wished everyone I saw a Happy Valentine's Day whether I knew that person or not. It was amazing all the smiles I got today.
Awww, cheer up Nick..A lot of us spent valentines day alone..
You seem like a sweet man..I hope you have a nice day..hug
Thanks for all comments - My valentine day was really nice at the end. But sometimes then I´m up all alone and it´s late - I´m thinking a little to much and need to write a couple of lines.

Love you all heart beating
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