Is Christianity dead here?

It seems there are a lot of Christian women on this site and others. Or I should say supposed Christian women. But then they turn out to be shallow, sex driven or just in general not christian women. I'm not saying you can't have standards or that once your married you shouldn't have sex, but just flying around f*cking anything on two legs or saying you only want to date someone who turns you on and it doesn't matter about anything else is not Christian behavior.
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Haha, thats funny. Because, you know, you being Christian and all and swearing up a storm. Oh, and unleashing a flurry of hatred towards your fellow bloggers. The best thing out of everything, is that you are pointing out hypocrisy while being a hypocrite. Oh, I love this.
Yikes! super
Yeah good point risingsnare. ))
You are right as well stupidloverboy from a strictly interpreted Biblical standpoint.....
But what I have found here, is that these so called "Godly women" are just SCAMMERS ,and this is just part of their deception to lull their victims into a sense of security.
Was Christianity ever alive anywhere? Or was it just the figment of stupid people's imagination?
I'd like to read some of your "novels". Judging by the religeous diatribe which is masquerading as your profile, I would think its fair to assume you are very much a one trick pony. Or maybe that should be donkey.
Well, i really dont understand what you are trying to say.

I doubt, if you really understand about: Essence, Christ, Soul or whatever you want to call.

My advise to you. Get a change to learn about it, then may you turn conscious.angel2
Being a Christian is what comes from the heart. I don't go around saying "Praise God," or "hallelujah." In the same token I don't want to screw anything that doesn't fly or have webbed feet. I have no interest in sex unless I feel something deeply from the heart for another person. Pictures don't cause me to work up a sweat. Just so you know, there are women out there who have standards. scold
I don't think faith is dead anywhere but humans are allowed grace and this is a good site to not be stuffy on and enjoy other people. Look for the Spirit of God in others you might just find Him. He says in His word judge not lest you be judged in the same way. Just a thought. Hope you find someone lovely.
one can only hope
I am a Mystic Christian and therefore my beliefs are much different than yours. You wrote "Christian behavior." You should clarify just what you mean. It is a sad fact that at this time in America there are so many "Christians" who believe that war is justified. This same group denounces government programs and laws that provide help for the needy and jobless and wants continued obscene tax breaks for the wealthy, and billions poured into dirty wars justified by lies which finds its way into the pockets of the wealthy.
If you study the New Testament, the real Jesus Christ was not that way at all. It was the corporate structure and the Tea Partyers of Judea who tortured and crucified Christ.
tea partyers of judea!!! wow! i like that applause
Christianity is a dying faith awwww, so sorry.
and it seems you know the rules so well written in the "holy" bible.
ofcourse lot's of women on these sites don't show Christian behaviour wanna know why.
cuz real Christians don't exist.

but thereby you are using faith as a tool of power to keep women under the thumb, you self righteous bastard.
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