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So what is everyone doing this weekend? Got any hot dates? Anyone want one? I have a birthday party planned out for a friend at a local place, but other than that and turtoring a friend of my brothers'....my weekend is shot. We have off on Monday for President's Day, too, and I just thought maybe someone could brag about all the great things they were gonna do and it would inspire me to light a fire under my axx and do something thrilling! So...Anyone...
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The most I have to say is that I am waiting for Fed Ex to bring my granddaughter her new sleeping bag. She has wanted this for a long time and the day is nearing. Now as for next weekend, I am having a birthday celebration which is being enforced by my 5 yr. old granddaughter. She thinks I should celebrate this one because I will be 50. Whoo Hoo! rolling on the floor laughing I am very happy at this stage of my life. Things are better now than ever. yay
hi. this weekend i will go to the library. cool
Grab some cold beer would be great banana head banger
Good idea.......i wish to go to you with my Guitar. Will have a nice journey. Take care & write me.
I'll be canoeing & taking wildlife photos head banger
hmmm. lets see. so i hv an early dinner with Michelle Obama on friday. saturday i am going bungee jumping with Richard Branson. lunch i have to see Steve Jobs. he is really ill. m concerned about him. saturday night im helping Tiger Woods hook up with lotsa chicks. man! he is so f*cked up. he can drill a hole in a wall with his. the guy needs to get laid. then sunday afternoon, i am going to visit this chemical plant which i plan to buy. sunday night, i plan to sleep early. to prepare myself for monday blues professor
phew! got a lot on my plate. roll eyes
u wanna meet for coffee on sunday morning? i grow them myself in my backyard. i make some very good coffee.professor
That was too funny...sure be right over for coffee around 7...your time right...laugh
errr! ummm! will 7.45 work? at 7, i read newspapers!!! u c am old boring guy, who gets kick outta his life by reading newyork times n crap like that. u know, so much trouble in the world. one gotta be update doh
Off looking at Motorcycles... oh and doing as little as I can get away with as next weekend I am going Skiing and the following weekend who knows...
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