the happiest days

don't you think the happiest days are the ones you can make happy are would you rather want some one to make you happy.... john
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I like both.

Sorry John,, did not know it was your b'day yesterday,, hope it was a good one,,doh gift hug kiss
thanks guys my birthday it was great thanks
You all celebrated john's birthday but where is my return gift?joh...n it is not fair.but anyway i enjoyed my two favourites joined you.happy birthday john.but are you sure that you was having birthday?laugh Dont mind brother i am joking.....
right chrome i think your right
Hey John wave ...Didn't know there is such a thing as happy days...I thought happiness is just moments...And at the end of a lifetime you just add them up and if they're bright and many they just "erase" the unhappy moments...And you can then say, with certainty, you had a good life.
Hi Jack!Hi Livin! wave
Belated birthday wishes gift applause
nymph thanks and pixels thanks
i like both but i do like to spend my company with a loved one, whether that be with my kids or my partner

i also had a birthday this week, aquarians are the best sign arnt they lol happy birthday john for the other day x
thanks and happy birthday to you to kas thanks and you aquarius rocksdancing
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