Mistaken identity!!!!!

Ok guys here is the deal. Since i said that i am from Kenya doesnt mean that i am a scum. Yeah,that is my home country and i am proud of it. I moved to Sweden two and a half years ago due to post election violence that had rocked my country in 2007/2008. I actualy believe that if you want to find someone honest you have to be honest yourself. I am not also looking for help,God sustains me very well. So this goes to all the beautiful ladies out there,if i send you a flower or an email,you should not worry,no one is here to scum you. It's either i want to know you better or i just want to be friends. Get to know someone first before you judge them. Some of us are very interesting!!!!peace
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very good thoughts ; its hard to break misconception; go easy! lol
We need more guys like that in Canada, lol :)
One of the hardest things for anyone to live down is where they come from. Stereotyping has become a common occurrence around the world. I still thin that the people who don't judge by these guidelines outnumber the people who do. There is nothing wrong in being proud of who you are and where you are from. You just need a chance to show who you really are. Good luck to ya. peace
Hey ladies,thanx.i have been having a very difficult week on this site.atleast i'v got rid of the beast that was in my chest.i think it's time to exhale.thumbs up
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