pushing your luck too hard...

people tend to be so pushy that they forgot that there are different kinds of people in this world...they want to pretend that what they are doing is something nice.....as they wanna please everybody..but we must accept that...."we cannot please everybody"....that is a fact....so being pushy of ur luck to meet and have ur lifetime partner is not like an instant noodles that in one click you can have it right away....and why the heck would u make a super effort for everybody to like u?why dont u just do what is natural of u....for the people to see ur true colors....

if a person do this he/she might end up like loosing instead of gaining....

dont yah think????

what is ur opinion about these kind of people?

handshake peace
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they just have to learn that you cant please everyone
yeah that is...well...u know first impression is lasting right..but not all the time though...hhehehe..coz i met someone on here....when we first met...he thought i was a scammer so....i got mad at him but not anymore.....well of course nothing last forever....moping
The only thing am pushing is that raise ...
Wise observations.

People like attention and to feel good about themselves. Often what they look for in a partner is someone who provides this to them.

As you mention, they want you to please them... and get pushy when you don't. They just don't understand. They need to mature some more (though many never will).

It's good when you can recognize this problem in the relationship so you can move on to someone else.

Smart ... very smart :-)
Rushing into anything can have bad results.
It's better to take your time and get to know someone and let their actions show you how they are in time.
Most of us want to have everything right now, I think it might be human nature to not exercise patience but if we learn self control then we have better long term results.
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