Everytime i try to have a relationship with a girl, it just hot in the first time though i've tryin n keep tryin to made it burned again dunno it's always ended the same, which is i being bored to her n she get burn on that normal for a guy to have that kind of situation everytime??

PS : the girls i chosed aren't the dislike ones but the one i really like in the first
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Women always get burnt out on musicians, there all excited at first dating someone that can play instruments and then the scene gets old. My guess for you is, instead of playing music all the time gotta do something else. I feel you though, ive played guitar 12 yrs and i value my instruments more then some women ive met. However i found another passion of mine and thats cooking, which i have been doing for years now. So try something different to make a woman appeal to you, or if she has any hobbies her self, try to get into those so you two can share something together. Personally, im done dating women that dont do the same stuff i do, it never works out, split differences has gotten me no where. So this quote "two opposites attract" i flushed down the toilet. That quote is true for about a year or two, but never anything long lasting, or life lasting.
Well I don't get burnt out on musicians lol! But I love music so maybe that's why. I love a guy that can play guitar. Usually girls swoon over a guy that plays or sings dunno Maybe you're just meeting the wrong girls. Don't change though......keep doing what you enjoy and soon you'll meet your rocker chick!
@ Piers : yeah dude, sure of it 100%....but i think it'll get boring even if you do the same favour wif your chicks if you've lost passion for them grin maybe it's the reason i came here to searchin western girl, inside in me i feel so bored with Asian women, they're all the same, same stuff, same burn, no adventure dunno at least that what i felt about ithead banger

@ Musicfreak : yeah, you got your guitar man up there (piers) cheering banana
Hey man,i feel you.i know the realy want someone who can explore and do differen stufs instead of an uptight also searching for that.i'll also tell you that you should something else too to spice things up.if she starts to get bored with music you try the other one until she start missing your music again.good luck though.
@ Y salim : good thinking man!! i'll try that beer good luck to you too
well in my opinion a lot of men and women rush into sex too soon then get bored after the chase is done.
or one of them gets hooked and the other ones grows disinterested.
either way its no good.
it might be old fashioned of me by saying this but i think people should wait untill they fall in love and get to know the person very well before they consider sex.
lust only last for a short while..
if all someone is just looking for is fun then its not going to last.
even carnival rides get boring if you keep riding the same ferris wheel for fun & kicks over and over.. lol
try falling in love before you get physical if your worried your not keeping interest for long?
@ swiss : well swiss, thx for the old fashioned advice (u said it ;p)..i appreciate thathandshake but, we havent doin the "s" thing for your knowing,,n i think i become opposite for your oppinion..n i just thought maybe that's the problem..that we haven't do the "s" things

yay well,, just call me crap but i think "s" can be the great adhesive for the relationship nowadayshelp peace
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