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Just got my youngest sons name tattoed on my ankle. I already had my oldest sons name. Is it me or are tattoos extremely addictive?! I love the control I have over my tolerance to the pein. Anyone feel the same or even know what I am trying to say? I have a high pain tolerance and a crazy need for an adrenaline rush. Anyone have any recommendations of tattoos...placement...size? I welcome all suggestions!
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sister, you must love your sons very much.. i hope they are all well. and hope you are well too.

btw, if you would like to tell, how to make woman brave enough to have babies? as my girlfriend is very scared of giving birth to a baby.dunno
Personally, I think tattoos are ugly skin stains. thumbs down
Skin is the largest organ we have and tattoos impede their function. To me it's a clear signal that this person has a low mentality.
But, to each their own. It's your skin to abuse as you wish.
@guy above

"Personally, I think tattoos are ugly skin stains." -> all d right in d world to think whatever u like mate.

"Skin is the largest organ we have and tattoos impede their function." -> well, unless one has something around 30% of their skin covered in tattoos, they won't fall short of vitamine D assuming they get enough sunlight exposure. I don't preceive this as an issue.

"To me it's a clear signal that this person has a low mentality." -> again, up to you but definately, you are being prejudicate here.

"But, to each their own. It's your skin to abuse as you wish." -> perhaps its 'use' rather than 'abuse'; though I admit u cleaned it up nicely with that statement.

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... never forget .. tattoos are for life! I'd say keep them small and know when to STOP! ... I have 2 .. that's it for me!
I know that some people find pleasure in pain.i use to have it and a very high tolerance.anyway i would also advice you,if you want a tatoo keep them small and simple,but at all dont add anymore.they are parmanent.head banger
hi hunnie
i know exactly what your saying, i had my first tattoo in 2000 which was two hearts with two scrolls going through them on my right shoulder and i had my kids initials in them
a year later in 2001 i had my yellow rose put on my ankle, a sign for love and peace and in remembrance of those i have loved and lost
a year after that in 2002 had two tattoo's, one a chinese symbol with the initial m on my left hand shoulder, it meant husband but now i am divorced from him i have this tattoo there but i dont regret it one bit, he was my first true love and we had twelve years together with two wonderful children and that will be there for life to remind me of our happier times, i also had my hero's signature put on the base of my back, elvis presley
three years after that in 2005 i had another scroll placed below my two hearts on my shoulder with sons initial
five years after that in 2010 i had another scroll done above my two hearts with my daughters initial
i now want another one on my hip in memory of my grandparents

tattoos are art and normally significant to the person, there not just skin stains
tattoo's are not to everyone's taste but then neither is cetain types of food, drink, entertainment etc, its down to the individual which is what makes us all unique x

Its a matter of choice,, I think,, its art in a different form,, I have a daisy chain around the top of my arm,, and would like another one done,, when i decide on the design
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