Hey guys,i was curouse about sex it possible that one can be addicted to sex and at the same time are sexuall starved?is it clear that one might become unsatisfied no matter how many times they have sex a day.would it help for them to try having sex with as many people as possible?
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i think what the individual person does to fulfill there s*xual appetite is down to them as long as the ones he or she is sleeping with knows that they are sleeping around other than that you stick to just one and be faithful

i do believe to find your soul mate you need to be comapatible in every area in or out of bed and if you do find this person then you should be satisfied as its not just about sex
however i do believe good sex is vital, i could not stay with someone if the sex between us was not good even if he had all the other qualities i wanted in a relationship

i was approached the other month by a guy who is married with kids and asked if i would help him out as his wife couldn't and in fact he has cheated on her several times and still not been fulfilled, i could not believe what i was hearing as she has no idea of any if this,

if you want to sleep around then do so but dont get into a relationship with anyone

i believe sex between two people who are in love is the most powerful sex you can ever have, going from partner to another to another will never fulfil you as you dont get that closeness, its just cold sex, love making is what fulfills your s*xual desire x
it all starts in the mind
SERIOUSELY??What does it mean?? just curouse about this sex issues.what do u have to say about it?
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