My new tattoo

Man I just got done from laying on my side for 3 hours getting a new tat. I absolutely love it, though it hurt like crazy. I was such a champ and stuck it out. Hope everyone likes
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On my right side...under my arm
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I plan to get mine covered with a slightly larger and different tattoo,but the thought of the pain,I know this new one will be intricate therefore will take longer,arghhhh I can already feel the pain,will do it for July I hope.

Congrats on your new tattoo.
just put some aloe vera juice on your tatoo!! for pain wave
wUtz your new tattoo? What ya get done?
Can I see it?
Which part of your body?
Oh , I did not realize about this Blog profile , I should Also start My Blog , I like your tattoo , it's probable both things and that's why you like to have them , I saw your others tattoos , I cannot give you real advice or expertise since I don't have any yet. Like reading your other blogs too..
very nice and on the ribs to well done champlaugh but it is lovely
well done - painful part of the body, but as we say - NO PAIN NO GAIN
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