What is love,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

smitten love smitten love smitten love smitten

heart wings teddybear shimmy flirty

dunno Just love this song,,,,,,,,,,,,
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Hi dear friendwave just take it easy pls.comfort
Nice one..Thanks for sharing bouquet
wave mon cher rozaroz,hug

Thnx for calling by,, flowers,,blushing merci
wave Chrone,,I'm good thanks,,,I like to think they are all sleep ,,doh tho,, they are probably all out buddies dance doh
ahh ... I wish Chapman changed his mind ...

wave 10k,, you trapped here too then,,dunno stay and have a drink with Chrone & me bartender waiter
drink pouring beer beer beer


well .. ermm .. was goin out to tell ya truth ... still gotta shower and all though and it stormy today .. I donno what to do!

I do feel a tad like beer though :P
bartender waiter drink pouring here u go lad's beer beer ,,,'chin' drinking
i love the beatles, i hate john lennon. Garbage.
wave Piers,,

yep,, video quality is pretty barf
yep,,singing quality is pretty barf

The sentiment,,words,,meaning,,of the song,,was the important point here smitten
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