Sugar Momma

I am looking for a Sugar Momma. lips

All applications will be reviewd and answered within 24hrs.lips
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Oh, How deep and pure runs this man's heart....deeper than a cellophane wrapper?laugh
My God where is all the humor in the world?
Wasn't I funny?rolling on the floor laughing
what an a** hole...

eh confused whats a sugar mama dunno
10kOhms sliema, Majjistral Malta
6 hours ago
what an a** hole...

Do you have a problem?
You Need a Sugar Momma !!!
Oh please !! would you cut this Drama !! laugh

To apply for a position one must state the requirements,,,,so what is this sugar Momma going to be doing laugh make sure you have some good "french" benefits included laugh plenty of vacation time yay
roll eyes Doubleeggx2 I wont be applying for that job at all..
ever..nope..not in a million years..sorry but i think a lot of women are gonna say no to that too.. lollaugh
popcorn wanna see how many applications are coming in popcorn
Are you planning to start a bakery business...?

Refference link: Sugar Daddy's Bakery - Amman (Flagship) Food/Beverages · Amman, Jordan
You dont need a suger momma,you need to get a job,misterrolling on the floor laughing
what a loser,are you too lazy to get a jobspam
laugh moparguy72.. lol..ya i think he got tired of working at the local mcdonalds..laugh
I think everyone is being too hard on Doubleggx2.I believe he was just having some good natured fun and wasn't serious about wanting a "sugar momma".
I believe that most of you have missed that it was all tonque in cheek.
I don't know of any "sugar mammas" but I pretty sure there are a few men who might just take you up on that offerwink
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