There is different kinds of love, there is family love and soul mate love. We all know what family love is, so I am going to be talking about soul mate love. To start, I do not believe at love at first sight, Love is something that grows. An example would be, lets say you get a puppy tomorrow and it get run down by a car. You fee bad, but not as bad as if you had that puppy for years and it gets run down. This is what I mean by love grows. Just like love grows, so can hatred wich is the opposite and can kill love. This is the cause of most divorces, There are very many different categorises of love and also levels. These words are quite related and I would say they are pretty much the same on this subject. As you finish up a level or category, you move to the next. There is a lot involve in true love. There is friendship, chemistry, physical attraction, compatible and ect.. They are not necessary in this order but they can grow from one to another. I believe that friendship is the foundation. Anything less than that would make you shallow. Once you finish all the different levels and you are truly in love with some one but you’re not completed, You also got to be able to live with one another. These are all important factor and it takes years to find out. I estimate at least 4 years. No one is perfect and you try to find out who make you happy the majority part of the time. Understanding will fill in some of it, The higher the percentage, the longer you will be with one another. If you are 80 percent happy then your marriage can last a lifetime. It all comes down to who is the most understandable, lovable and makes you happy. Some people are in love with the idea of being in love, These are people who usually sell them selves short. You should never give up your happiness. When you are completely in love, You will know and it will last forever
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