Ok guys.i happen to like this girl.the problem is she has a boyfriend.we met recently.yestarday we went out which was her decision.i wasnt supposed to go but and i didnt know that she was going out with her friends.when i went to see her,she insisted that i go with them.we went to a club and she paid for everything.it was her treat.when we were in the club,i received a message from home saying that my dad is sick and that he's been rushed to the hospital.all my moods crushed and she noticed b'coz i went quiet.i could'nt tell b'coz i didnt want to ruin her night.the problem is she got bored when i went quiet.i called her later though and told her what made my moods to crush.i realy like this girl and i want to impress her.what's the best and unique way to get back to the league even after last nights performance?
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Going out with her and her friends is one thing, but since she has a boyfriend you will screw things up if you pursue her. You got quiet and she got bored, huh? She cannot be much if she can flip on you that way. Hope your father is alright. comfort
Why pursue her when she has a boyfriend. confused You're wasting your energy. Also maybe she only likes you as a friend?

Hope your Dad is alright.
... i think u should give her a WIDE BERTH .. If she has a boyfriend and is also seeing u behind his back .. If she decides to dump the boyfriend for you ... how long do u think it will be before she does the exact same thing with you? hmmm?? She's bad news ... I wouldn't want a bar of someone who was doing the dirty on their current partner ... scold
Hey Salim, If u really love her then just forget her. Coz she is in love with someone

If she had gone out with u then it doesn't mean that she Loves you.But she was just thinking of good company.You can be her good friend if u wish.

If u love her then then i hope u will never wish to hurt her.

Love the one who loves you and not whom u love.
Man this is just my opinion but I do not think you should even be her friend if you have such strong feelings for her. It would be to awkward and unfair to her. I think you would only be looking for problems if you pursued her. It is different but I had to give up someone I loved because I was committed to someone I loved less. Sometimes doing the right thing is a hard thing but I suggest you forget about this girl because she is already in a relationship.
Uh, she has a boyfriend so, leave her alone. She's not for you to have.
Screw up isnt the word.....what you did was wrong because you already knew she was dating. You went along for the ride because you figured she was good for a quicky. Yes I agree with the person who said she was already cheating once a cheater always a cheater. And what kind of person are you that you stayed instead of running to the hospital? Would you still have stayed if the caller told you your father was dead?very mad
[email protected] 18.me and my dad are like 10000 miles apart.he's in Africa and am in Sweden.thank u very much!
Yeah, I agree w/ those that said wait till she doesnt have a boyfriend, which wont be long since she's aready looking elsewhere.

Be careful tho...if she'll do it to him, she'll do it to you.

Thanx guys 4 the advice.i realy appreciate all that u said and i gave it a thought and made my [email protected] angel,vivek,jodestir,jade and all of those who shared my thought with me u are the best.we all get ourselves in this kind of situation.thanx once again.
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